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Solar Energy in Barbados

Solar Energy Innovations

Solar Energy Innovations goal is to provide a source of renewable and alternative electrical power for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients, as an organized, well equipped and highly skilled team which utilizes the most efficient and up to date technologies. We are devoted to providing the best service to Barbados and the wider Caribbean for the social and economic well-being of our families, and staff as we pursue excellence in the years to come.

Services Provided

Think Green, Think Global, Think Solar

We understand that for homes and businesses located in remote and challenging areas, solar energy can be the only viable option. This is why we have developed custom solutions for our clients to ensure optimum availability of solar power at the most affordable costs. The services offered by Solar Energy Innovations Inc. are consultancy, design, construction & maintenance. All solar systems are tested after installation if required by the customer.

— Energy audits service
— Design, supply and install solar and wind projects for residential and commercial consultancy for solar PV and wind projects.
— Full energy audits utilizing computerized equipment.
— Provide solar PV training to NABCEP (North American Board Certified Energy Production) level.
— LED lighting retrofits
— Solar LED street lighting
— Car-park lighting
— Power factor correction

Solar Panels

A solar panel is a device which is used to convert energy contained within the sun’s rays into electricity. The off-grid solar electric systems consist mainly of solar panels or photovoltaic panels (PV), batteries and a DC to AC inverter. The solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electrical dc energy. This DC energy is then stored in the batteries to power the DC to AC inverter at all times during the day. The DC to AC inverter takes the DC energy from the batteries and changes it to AC energy to power the lights and appliances in your home.


Inverters are the key component of a solar system which converts A/C to D/C. A solar inverter is a piece of the solar energy puzzle. Its purpose is to change the direct current (DC) electricity that is generated from a photovoltaic panel into an alternating current (AC) that can be used by in-home appliances and the community power grid.

Because all photovoltaic panels produce electricity in DC, an inverter is required for all solar power systems to make the electricity usable. A change controller controls and regulates the energy going to the battery. Batteries store energy generated from panels during the day to supply electric power to the inverter.

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