3 Powerful Ways to List and Promote Your Events

Submit Your Events One-At-A-Time

Submit a Free Event

We welcome your contributions. This is a perfect solution for businesses and organizations that have occasional or infrequent events that they want Barbados to know about. Free event are just as powerful and beautiful as power event submissions. The only difference in having a power user account is the convenience of processing many events all the time.

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Become a Power Submitter if You Have Many Events

Become a Power Calendar User if You Need to Submit Many or Recurring Events— Programs available for 3, 6, or 12 months

As a power user, you have an event administrator account. That means you can submit events as often as your like and you can submit recurring events to the Totally Barbados calendar.

Self-management advantages:

  • Unlimited event submissions
  • An exclusive dashboard for you to monitor and create your events
  • Discounted feature status packages
  • Listings in targeted event categories
  • The ability to post your events to your directory page if you are a premium listing subscriber
  • Archive events so you can re-use them in the future
  • Submit recurring events
  • Have your events on your profile page.
  • Add your own custom event SEO
  • Become a Timely calendar pro (extra)
  • Embed your calendar on your own website and have your events sent directly to Totally Barbados

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Feature Your Event on Our Site, Facebook Page, and Twitter

Get Your Event Maximum Exposure

This option let’s you promote your event on our homepage and social media accounts. Sine featured events are at the top of the homepage, your event will get traction by being there for everyone to see. Featured events don’t require long-term commitments. They are perfect for businesses or venues that have big things to share at specific times.