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Referral Partner Sign Up – Totally Barbados / Brecal Inc.,

Last updated on December 18th, 2018.

Thank you for wanting to refer your friends or associates to become Premium Members of Totally Barbados.

Since 2005 when www.TotallyBarbados.com was first launched I’ve been able to fulfill my dream of promoting all good things of my island home Barbados, around the world. Many hotels, restaurants, attractions and transportation companies have trusted Totally Barbados in helping to further promote their business products and services about Barbados to visitors around the globe.

If you refer any friends, associates or other businesses to beome a new Premium Member of ours, we will give you, our current preimum member, additional “Photo Ad Spots” and even more online exposure for your company when they join.

That’s equivalent to $200 BBD for every $1,000 BBD that they spend with us.

Please be sure to contact us and let us know of your referral within 30 days of their

Here’s to flying high in 2019!

Should you have any additional explanations,

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