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Recommended by Totally Barbados BARBADOS ISLAND GUIDE - MY favorite and most recommended places to EAT, DRINK, SHOP, and STAY in Barbados - LEARN ABOUT, SEE, and VISIT these exciting places. Totally Barbados has been in business for 18+ years (since September 2005), and we've seen many companies come and go over the years. Below

Barbados Nightlife and Clubs

Barbados Nightlife and Clubs It’s safe to say that Barbados has a very lively nightlife scene, which certainly includes a little something for everyone. Rest assured, after the sun sets, there are various nightclubs, bars, restaurants, local rum shops, live music, karaoke, DJs, beach parties, events, and so much more for you to enjoy on


Barbados Business Guide: Navigating Opportunities in the Caribbean Totally Barbados Guide for Business in Barbados is an insightful resource for entrepreneurs and investors from Canada, the USA, and Europe. This comprehensive article will immerse you in the vibrant business environment and showcase why this island is a beacon for international business and financial services. From

Live Bands

Discover the Vibrant Live Music Scene in Barbados Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Barbados is a cultural gem known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant music scene. The island is a haven for music lovers, offering a plethora of live bands and music performances that cater to a wide range of


Entertainment Discover endless entertainment options in Barbados: vibrant restaurants, bars, and lounges to lively nightclubs, live music, karaoke, traditional rum shops, and colorful festivals. For unforgettable moments, indulge in delicious street food, experience the fun of party boats, or embark on romantic catamaran cruises. Because Barbadians love to enjoy themselves, you can be sure you'll

Barbados Social Media Networks

Get Social with Barbados on these social media networks at Totally Barbados. Totally Barbados Social Media Networks: Get personal and share your thoughts, experiences, and love for the island of Barbados. Connect with Totally Barbados on the following social media channels. Google My Business - view our business listing on Google Facebook - (15k) connect,

Barbados Beaches

Discover the Beauty of Barbados Beaches: A Comprehensive Guide to the Island's Must-Visit Shores Introduction to Barbados Beaches Barbados, a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. The island's diverse coastline offers many beach experiences, from bustling, activity-packed shores to secluded, tranquil hideaways. In

Barbados Apartments

Renting an apartment in the Caribbean island of Barbados gives you the flexibility to find something to suit every budget while offering freedom of choice of where to stay. Barbados Apartments are located all over the island and offer one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that offer self-catering independence, but without the bonus of staff on

Barbados Weddings

A Complete Barbados Wedding Guide Tying the Knot in Paradise Imagine your big day on the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean island of Barbados, where saying "I do" is more than a ceremony; it's an experience enveloped in beauty. Bridgetown, the vibrant capital, not only offers a glimpse into the rich culture of Barbados but

Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops

Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops With so many rum shops to choose from, "Totally Barbados" has selected a few that are worth the drive to find and some of the livelier ones located on the South Coast of Barbados. This list is not conclusive, nor are they in any order to suggest one is better