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Broadway To Barbados 2020

Broadway to Barbados

About Broadway to Barbados Diamonds International Barbados in association with the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust (Barbados Registered Charity No. 1057) and its strategic partners present Neil Berg’s Broadway to Barbados 2020....

Entrance to Earthworks Barbados Pottery

Earthworks Pottery

Discover Earthworks Pottery Barbados: Unique, Functional Art for Everyday Use Explore Earthworks Pottery in Barbados for unique, handmade ceramics. Open studio, diverse designs, safe & functional art. Visit & shop online! Experience...

Savvy on the Bay

Savvy on the Bay in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, is a premier destination combining an event venue and a food truck park with a beach bar. This unique setting offers an ideal backdrop for...

Surfer Cafe Barbados

Surfers Cafe

Surfer’s Cafe, situated on the sunlit southern shores of Barbados, is known for its rustic and relaxed ambiance and fabulous food but equally for the genuine warmth which resonates with our staff....

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar – Home of the Rum Heads offers sixty-eight house cocktails and oceanfront dining at the beach bar in Barbados. Rent a beach chair and enjoy WiFi access right on Accra...

4K Gaming

Located in: St. Philip, South East Coast

ArtSplash Centre

Located in: Christ Church, South Coast

Barbados Arts Council

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Barbados National Art Gallery

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Carib Disc International Inc.

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Casa Grande Arcade

Located in: St. Philip, South East Coast


Located in: St. Michael, South West Coast

Dance Strides Barbados

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Ellco Rentals Ltd.

Located in: St. George, Inland / Central