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Entrance to Earthworks Barbados Pottery

Earthworks Pottery

Discover Earthworks Pottery Barbados: Unique, Functional Art for Everyday Use Explore Earthworks Pottery in Barbados for unique, handmade ceramics. Open studio, diverse designs, safe & functional art. Visit & shop online! Experience...

Savvy on the Bay

Savvy on the Bay in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, is a premier destination combining an event venue and a food truck park with a beach bar. This unique setting offers an ideal backdrop for...

Best of Barbados Gift Shops

Located in: St. Thomas, Inland / Central

Ganzee Island Shops

Located in: Christ Church, South Coast

Medford Craft World

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Memories Of Barbados

Located in: St. Michael, South Coast

Rishan Gifts and Treats

Located in: St. James, West Coast