Islandwide Camera Protection Inc. (IWCP)

Accra Beach Webcam

Island-wide Closed-Circuit Television

Islandwide Camera Protection Inc. (IWCP) is a private entity in Barbados which allows CCTV cameras to be streamed live online 24/7.

Take a look at our live Barbados islandwide CCTV coverage in Barbados and find out how you can adopt-a-cam.

We will take you on a voyage through the boundless limits of the techno-age – following footprints through our vivid

IWCP Inc. already has and will be continuing with the installation and web hosting (online access) of our web cameras at several high traffic and integral areas throughout the island of Barbados. Inclusive of our beautiful beaches, local festivals, churches, live viewing of events, and fields of interest.

The concept of deploying CCTV cameras in Barbados and islandwide is primarily for the safety, wellbeing, and delight of locals and visitors of Barbados.

Specific cameras are readily accessible (traffic, beaches, etc.) while others will remain confidential (neighborhood watch cameras) and on a pay-per-view basis (concerts or festival events). All by Barbados legislation and beneficial for both the private and public sectors.

We do believe that this venture will be most beneficial and exhilarating for both locals and visitors to our island.

From local festivals/events and beautiful beaches to traffic cameras, our service propositions remain limitless and our spectrum broad. We continue open to special requests and will facilitate where our infrastructure allows.

Live viewing in comfort is what we make possible!