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Barbados Webcams

Barbados webcams are available at multiple locations across the island.

Get a live view of attractions and public areas across Barbados from our online feed compliments of our friends at Islandwide Camera Protection Inc. (IWCP).

You can access the live feed in your home or on any of your smart devices, any time of day or night.

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Before arriving on holiday, be sure to stay current with useful information in our Barbados Island Guide about this Caribbean destination.

Travelers and locals (also known as Barbadians or Bajans) will find insider tips and advice about local events, relevant facts, and information—as well as an insight into the rich culture and heritage of the island.

Helpful Top 10 Island Guides will ensure you have the best experience on this Caribbean island. Find out everything about the amenities at the top beach resorts, hotels, and other accommodation options. Take advantage of special offers, discounts, and coupons.

Plan your time with a local events calendar to ensure you are up-to-date with upcoming events and activities.

Are you on a cruise and looking for a one-day shore excursion?

Sightseeing tours pick you up from the Bridgetown cruise terminal, take you around the island on your private sailing trip, or you can join up with a group for a casual lunch and two or three selected attractions. All tours are scheduled to ensure you get back in time for the departure of the ship.

Should you wish to stay longer than your projected holiday, you will find helpful information on immigration requirements, working regulations, and property and other real estate options to help you get started.

You will find all of this and more with the multiple winner of the Worlds Leading Travel Destination Website.

According to The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017 Report by “The World Economic Forum,” Barbados was named the highest-ranking destination in the Caribbean and the world’s 58th most innovative nation.

The best part about this island destination is you do not need to be a tourist to experience all it has to offer; it is a country of deep historical foundations. Whether you are a local or a visitor on vacation, you can always learn more about Barbados.

Learn interesting facts about the island as well as everything you need to know about getting around the island, things to do, and what’s going on.

With so many great things to do, see, and experience, many have become excited and have chosen to live, stay, work, and have fun in this island country paradise.

Barbados is the ideal destination when Traveling with your family as it has something to offer everyone regardless of your age. If you are going with elder relatives such as grandparents or if you have a small baby, don’t worry Barbados can cater for all.

If you and your partner are traveling with children under 10, then it is advisable to book into an all-inclusive resort. They offer buffet-style lunches, so children can take as much or as little as they like and they usually have a barbecue serving burgers and hot dogs. This way you can relax and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the children wanting to eat at different times or to have to organize where to go for lunch and dinner.

If you are traveling with teenagers, then they will love the St. Lawrence Gap area, which is abundant with bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, there is always something to do in the Gap, with live music playing most nights. Barbados is a very safe place for tourists, and you can let your teenage children wander around the Gap, where they can play pool or just hang out!

If you are traveling with older members of the family, then there are some great days out to be had visiting some of the most beautiful tropical gardens such as Andromeda or Orchid World. You can also have some meals to remember as Barbados boasts some of the best fining dining restaurants in the world. Or perhaps the family would enjoy afternoon tea at the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel.

With multiple first-rate spasgyms and health clubs, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle staying happy and relaxed while on vacation.

Healthy activities and lifestyle choices in Barbados are on the rise, and our ‘no stress’ policy is essential to any healthy balanced lifestyle.

Fitness groups are common on the island. A variety of sports such as swimming, squash, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, polo, rugby and football (soccer) are great ways to get involved in the community and keep active and healthy in your life.

Another healthy Barbadian activity is to visit the infamous Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday evening. Get your daily dose of omega three fatty acids from the freshly grilled fish served with a variety of stalls in the quaint south coast fishing village.

Another part of a healthy lifestyle is finding time for your family and friends, and you’re sure to see loads of local relatives and friends out and about on Sundays for their weekly picnic by the beach.

Education and training are provided free to all Barbadians (Bajans) from age five to university level.

The government allocates the largest chunk – nearly a quarter – of its annual billion dollar budget to funding close to 100 primary and secondary schools, plus four tertiary level institutions.

State financing covers actual tuition, free bus fares to and from school and free books and meals for all primary students who need them.

There are several institutions available to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

For the more academically inclined, post-secondary education is available as well as for the more technically minded, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP), provides day and night hands-on courses.

It’s therefore not surprising that this 166 square mile island of approximately 274,000 people boasts a literacy rate of nearly 98%.

View our Google Maps, to zoom in and see the places of interest, shopping areas, beaches, churches and major roads.

Interactive Maps are available for a variety of needs, including directions and locations of recommended attractions, hotels & accommodation, beaches, restaurants and places to eat.

Are you renting a home, apartment or trying to find the perfect place to rent in Barbados? Researching property and real estate have never been so easy.

On an island as Barbados with its temperate climate, endless beaches, colorful culture, and friendly people, there is little wonder why Barbados has an ever-expanding and lucrative real estate industry.

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If you are passionate about sports, be sure to come prepared with your athletic gear when you visit this Caribbean island.

Sports and activities available on the island range from cricket to horse racing to all kinds of athletic, as well as non-athletic, sports.

Whether you like to actively take part or just want to be a spectator, there is a multitude of games for you to choose from in Barbados.

Use our business guide to find essential information, including statistics, business articles as well as links to the most relevant and useful business websites.

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