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Barbados is an island of wonder to many people all over the world.

Not surprisingly, it’s one of the top hot spots for the rich and famous, as well as for those seeking some rest and relaxation and / or party vibes in a tropical island paradise. You’ll soon realize Barbados really has it all.

Because of this, Barbados tends to receive a lot of press coverage.

The island ranks highly in most global population indexes, which draws additional international interest and exposure.

In fact, according to the 2014 Global Innovation Index, Barbados was named the most innovative country in the Caribbean, and the world’s 41st most innovative nation.

The Global Innovation Index ranks countries based on performance in a range of subcategories, including institutions; human capital and research; infrastructure; investment; market and business sophistication; and knowledge, technology and creative outputs.


Want to Know More?

Visit Antillia Cultura for an in depth report with info-graphic. For extra information you can learn more at the 2014 Global Innovation Index.

Barbados is also considered the most developed island in the region and was uniquely the only Caribbean island to remain under continuous British rule until its independence in 1966.

Noteworthy: the literacy rate in Barbados is close to 100%, one of the highest in the world.

Barbados is also celebrated for its diversity in people and culture. The Barbadian population is a diverse mix of people, the majority of whom are of African descent.

However the island is made up of a melting pot of people who are also of mixed race, Caucasian or European descent, East Indian, Oriental and Middle Eastern.


Barbados Today

Barbados is now a thriving tourist hub of people visiting daily from all over the world.

Holiday makers can enjoy breathtaking natural surroundings like white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, a consistent tropical climate, and hundreds of top quality restaurants, shops, bars and clubs right at their fingertips.

Below you’ll find all kinds of local information about Barbados, with our many pages of facts and figures about the island.



Barbados is a small island situated in the Caribbean above South America, northeast of Venezuela and north of Guyana. The Atlantic Ocean sits to the east of the island, and Caribbean Sea to the west.

The terrain is relatively flat in comparison to other Caribbean islands however there is a gentle rise to a central highland region of the island.



Barbados history is entwined with both African and British influences and today’s Barbadians marry these two cultures into a combination of a vibrant, yet traditional melting pot of deep heritage and cultural tradition.

From the link above you can learn more about the history of Barbados.



Barbados offers national healthcare to all of its residents.

Find out more about the Barbados healthcare system on Totally Barbados. You can also visit the Barbados Ministry of Health website at http://health.gov.bb/ for more healthcare information.


Facts about Barbados

There are many quirky facts about Barbados that are sure to interest and delight. Learn about island facts to find out more about the country.



One of the reasons Barbados is popular with holiday makers is the weather. With a consistent tropical climate, what’s not to love?! 🙂

That being said, there are slight seasonal changes. Find out what you need to know about the weather in Barbados.



Barbadian culture is unique in that it is a real mixture of English and African cultures, amongst others.

This combination of influences can be seen in the people, the nightlife, food and drink, music, style, housing and architecture; in just about everything this island paradise has to offer.

Want to know how we really get down in Barbados? Check out our page on Barbadian Culture.



The Barbadian population is a diverse ethnic mix of people and it’s Barbadians, or ‘Bajans’, that are a big part of what makes this island so special.

We took to the road and interviewed some of the most talented and influential people on the island.

For more of an insight, see our Meet a Bajan and People pages.


Barbados Maps

Barbados has a fairly good road system however it’s still recommended you consult a map before setting off on your journey. Signage can be limited as you move away from town and into the countryside.

Some maps of Barbados can be found here.

Our maps cover all the Towns and Places of interest you may wish to visit, and you will find help on our Barbados Google Map.


Discover Barbados

Discover Barbados and all it has to offer in the supplied list of local information.