A trip to Barbados is only complete once you have experienced one of our tropical Barbados entertainment shows.

Enjoy learning more about the Barbadian culture as talented performers tell exciting tales through songs, dance, and music.

There are many exciting entertainment shows in Barbados held on a daily or weekly basis at the various hotels throughout the island.

You can experience a beachside dinner show, with performances from fire eaters, limbo dancers, stilt-walkers, and comedians. At most of the shows, you can join in on the fun on the dance floor with live music, drinks, food, and DJs from around the world.

Occasionally, performers from across the globe will travel to Barbados and host various entertainment shows ranging from live circus acts and concerts.

In previous years, we have even had an ice-skating show in Barbados.

Be sure to check with your concierge at your hotel in Barbados for additional information.

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