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Get Connected In Barbados

Want to stay connected during your time in Barbados?
Whether it’s email, Facebook and social media, Skype, or purely for business purposes, you don’t need to worry about keeping in touch with friends and family back home while you soak up all the island has to offer.

Many of the hotels and accommodation on the island offer Internet access within their facility and even a WiFi connection in your room. And, if they cannot provide this directly, then you’ll find they will generally have an Internet café located within the foyer or near the reception desk.

It’s worth noting that most hotels will offer this Internet access service either free of charge or otherwise for a nominal fee.

However, if you happen to be in a self-catering apartment or a guesthouse without onsite Internet facilities (although many do have their Internet connection), then you may need to venture out to gain online access to the Internet.

How can I make sure I will stay connected in Barbados, you might ask? Never fear because, like most places in the world, Barbados has many Internet or ‘cyber’ cafés all over the island for you to check your emails and to browse the Internet during your stay.

Internet cafés are also handy places to know, even if you’re a local Bajan. Perhaps you only need your Internet access now and then, or maybe your connection is down, and you need an emergency connection to meet a deadline or to send some personal emails.

Then, an Internet café is just what you need.

Most Internet cafés in Barbados offer not only Internet connection, but also a variety of other associated facilities and services such as printing, scanning, faxing, laminating, and binding.

Hint: You will generally pay for the time in minutes that you spend online and any relevant printing costs or other services you may need to use. Each Internet café will differ in their prices, so make sure you check first before jumping online and surfing the net.

Where Can I Go Online In Barbados?

Generally speaking, the south and west coasts of the island have a heavy density of Internet cafés for you to choose from.

You’ll always find an Internet connection in the major tourist areas on the island, as well as the busier towns like Holetown in St. James, Speightstown in St. Peter, and Oistins in Christ Church.

You can also try heading to the tourist mecca of St. Lawrence Gap (or ‘the Gap’) in Christ Church. Here, you’ll find a few places you can get Internet access and connect to the worldwide web at your leisure.

You can also check out the facilities in the nation’s capital of Bridgetown. Here, you’ll find a variety of Internet cafés in places like Broad Street and Swan Street, as well as other specialty stores for more massive print outs and to suit more of your complex Internet needs.

There’s also the Toshiba Copy Centre shop in Coconut Walk, in Hastings in Christ Church. This store is mainly useful for your printing needs; however, they also offer a diverse array of services like professional copying, scanning, and document finishing services.

Some restaurants, cafés and coffee shops like the Coffee Bean also offer their customers free WiFi connection. So, why not grab a latte and surf the net at the same time?

As you can see, there are numerous places all over the island where you can get your Internet access, and we’re sure you’ll find an Internet café to suit your connection needs in Barbados.

Get connected today, and happy surfing!

Last Modified: September 13th, 2020
Published: October 22nd, 2017
Publisher: Totally Barbados

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