What is a Photo Ad Spot?

What is a Photo Ad Spot?

A photo ad spot is the signature photo of any of our premium members.

For example, the photos above this text, on this page are what we call “photo ad spots.”

These photo ad spots highlight and feature our recommended premium members to all web visitors.

  1. Legacy Fishing Charters
  2. Maresol Barbados Apartments
  3. Chelsea Motors
  4. Plum Tree Club Apartments
  5. Bajan Car Rentals
  6. Coral Stone Realty
  7. Barbados Weddings…beyond your imagination!!

Each premium member is allowed to provide complete descriptions of their business, products, and services.

When a web visitor clicks on the title or the photo, it takes them to the premium profile page (PPP) for that premium member. We call these web visitors “qualified visitors” as they purposely clicked on your signature photo to learn more about your business and potentially make a booking.

When you purchase a photo ad spot on a page related to your business, we will place your signature photo on the page to increase exposure to your company and drive more visitors and prospective clients to your premium profile page (PPP).

  • Each page of our website can contain up to twenty (20) photo ad spots.
  • Only 1 Photo Ad Spot (PAS) is allowed per page, per premium member.
  • Signature photos must be of an actual image representing your company.
  • No logos are allowed on the signature photo.
  • No photoshopped photo allowed.
  • No stars or text are allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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