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You don’t get to chill out in Barbados often enough, so when you do, we like to make it as fantastic as possible.

Just in case lying on a powdery soft white sandy beach, bordered by the cool pristine crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, with the gentle island breezes flowing through your hair, while little waves delicately tickle your toes, wasn’t enough to totally relax you, we also have multiple first rate spas on the island as well.

The serene setting at these spas will just take your breath away. Warm Barbadian sunlight dispersing through sheer curtains only to bounce around on gently pastel walls, then glisten in the clear waters of fountains and waterfalls, ambient music playing in the background.

Did I mention the cool Caribbean breeze helped along by lazy ceiling fans? All of this before you even meet the people who work here!

Most of the major hotels have their own world-class spas, boasting various massage therapies, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing.

Most of the beauticians, masseuses and aestheticians on the island have been highly trained overseas, in England, the United States and Canada and are real professionals.

These professionals are at your beck and call to administer any of the many treatments available to you, including, but not limited to:

» Barbadian & Caribbean
» Breema
» Indonesian
» Swedish
» Shiatsu
» Thai
» Mud massage
» Therapeutic massage and hot stone massage
» Hydrotherapy baths
» Reflexology
» Salt glow
» Seaweed wraps
» Facials
» Body wraps and scrubs
» De-wrinkling
» Acupuncture
» Derma-lifts
» Micro-dermabrasion
» Cryo-therapy
» Herbal baths
» Non-surgical facelifts

Take your pick or create your favourite combination.

Often at these spas, there’s also a space set aside for yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other cleansing and body empowering exercises.

So, just in case you are here for a relaxing vacation away from a world of worry, hustle and bustle and the beach alone isn’t cutting it, we’ve got what you need.

Come to Barbados and truly, fully, finally, relax.


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