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How to use Totally Barbados

To help you find the information you need about Barbados, we created this user guide which will explain how you can use the many functions of our site.

— VIP Newsletter – Join our Barbados VIP Club Newsletter and let us know what information you are interested in.
— Social Networks – Join, Follow and Like our social media channels about Barbados. Share your photos, videos, tips and favorites places in Barbados.
— Search function – can’t find something, then do a search for it.
— Barbados Sitemap – see an overview of every page on our website.
— Local Listings – yellow page directory listings of local Barbados Places.
— Premium Member’s Profile Pages
— Favorites – Add a Place to your Favorite list to help you find it again in the future.
— Feedback and Reviews – read previous feedback and reviews or post your own comments to help other visitors.
— Special Offers and Discounts – see our list of Barbados Deals.
— Events Calendar – find out event scheduled, dates and times of what’s on in Barbados.
— What’s New at Totally Barbados – learn more about recently updated articles and new information posted on our site.

You can sign up to receive regular updates about what’s going on in Barbados.

— Click on the ‘SignUp’ button in the box titled, “Things to do Newsletter”

— You will then need to enter your first and last names as well as your email address.

— Select one, more or all of the things that interest you and click on “Join the Newsletter Now” button.

» Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc..

If you are a Facebook or Twitter user you can join our Barbados Facebook and Barbados Twitter networks. Twitter will keep you updated by tweeting you with the latest news about fun things to do in Barbados. Facebook will also keep you informed with wall posts and links to all the best events and information about Barbados including special offers and discounts.

» Search Function –

You can use our search function to quickly locate the information you are looking for. Simply type what you are looking for into the search box on the top left-hand side of every page on the website and hit ‘Go’. A list of possible matches will come up for you to choose from.

» Barbados Sitemap

Our sitemap provides a summary of all the topics our website contains. Scroll down to the bottom green toolbar and hit ‘Sitemap’. You will then see a list of all the topics that the website explores. Click on the topic that matches your search.

» Local Places

Click on the ‘local Listings’ link on the blue toolbar at the top or bottom of any page and you will be taken to a list of categories. Click on the category that best suits you until you find a link to the page you are looking for. Establishments that are premium members of Totally Barbados are at the top of the list with the most information, including profile pages, photos, special offers, discounts, maps etc; non-premium members are lower down detailing just the address and telephone number.

» Premium Member’s Profile Pages

Premium members of Totally Barbados each have a special profile page on which they can display detailed information about their establishment.

You can see pictures which link to these profile pages down the left and right-hand side of most of the pages of Totally Barbados.

To view a member’s profile in full, simply click on the image or name of the member and you will be taken to that member’s profile page.

On this profile page you will find:

» a description of the product, service or establishment
» its key features
» a photo gallery
» contact details
» its location and relevant pricing.
» You can also contact the company through this profile page and may be entitled to discounts as a Totally Barbados user.

The images in the photo gallery are links to the member’s website and the web address of the member is also detailed on their profile page.

» Favorites

You can build up a list of favorites on the website so that you have a saved list of the establishments and that you are interested in with links to their profiles. When you are on a member’s profile page that you like the look of, simply click the ‘add to favorites’ button on the top left-hand side of the page and you will start to build up your list.

» Feedback and Reviews

You can read reviews or give feedback on the establishments on Totally Barbados. Go to the establishment’s profile page and scroll down. You will see a list of comments from tourists and visitors stating what they thought of the establishment at the bottom of the profile page.

If you want to give feedback about your experience at that attraction simply click the ‘submit, review or comment’ link underneath the description of the establishment, above the booking form on the profile page.

» Special Offers and Discounts

Users of Totally Barbados may be eligible for discounts from our premium members. See each member’s profile individually and click on “Get Special Offer” at the top of the page in the orange bar, to find out more.

» Events Calendar

To find out what’s happening in Barbados and when you can use the events calendar on Totally Barbados. On the homepage, you can find the link to the events calendar on the right-hand side of the page, at the top of the blue box. Click on the year you want to know about and an events calendar will pop up revealing all the events throughout that year on an easy to read the calendar. You can find out more about each event by double-clicking on it in the calendar. If you only need to know about events today, you can view these on the homepage in the blue box on the right-hand side entitled ‘Coming Events’.

» What’s New in Barbados

The ‘What’s New’ section in the blue box on the left-hand side of the homepage contains a list of the newest articles on Totally Barbados. Click on the links that interest you to keep abreast of the things happening in Barbados right now. Or click on “What’s New” link on the green navigation bar at the bottom of any page.

We hope this user guide for Totally Barbados helps you learn more about Barbados and how our website works, in making your Barbados Experience the best.