Website User Guide

Website User Guide

Are you looking to learn more about Barbados?

Barbados Island Guide – Totally Barbados helps you to effortlessly learn about and find out what’s on in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

We created this website user guide which will explain how you can use the many functions of our site.

We value your views and have provided a contact form for you to suggest improvements to our services.

As a local or visitor to Barbados, when you are informed, educated, and updated about what’s going on in Barbados, your time on the island is always a better experience.

Finding your way around a website can sometimes be a bit confusing. We aim to help you navigate our website as efficiently as possible. We also endeavor to make the site accessible to everyone, and this page guides how to make the most of your time on our website.

We provide detailed information and links to our highly recommended places to stay, attractions and sightseeing to do, as well as which restaurants are great places to eat in Barbados.

Of the various things to do in Barbados, you will find reviews, recommendations, and photos that are helpful and trustworthy to both locals and visitors.

Enjoy learning more about Barbados.

Website User Guide Sections

  1. Homepage Layout
  2. Site Search
  3. Barbados Events Calendar
  4. Recommended Places
  5. Visitors Guide
  6. Social Media
  7. Subscribers
  8. Sitemap
  9. Local Listings / Yellow Pages
  10. Feedback and Reviews
  11. Special Offers, Deals and Discounts
  12. What’s New
  13. Related Articles
  14. Breadcrumbs

1. Homepage Layout

Our locally created website since September 1st, 2005, holds a wealth of information about the Caribbean island of Barbados. You can access our website on any internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, which will explain how you can use the many features of our site.

  1. Our Homepage – is the best starting point to find what you are looking for about Barbados.
  2. Just type Totally Barbados into your favorite search engine and click on the top result. You can also type www.TotallyBarbados.com directly into your browser to access our website on any internet-enabled device.
  3. On our Homepage, you will find the main navigational menu bar below our logo, simply hover over any of the words on the leading blue navigation bar, and you will find dropdown Mega Menus with many sections to choose from – see photo 2.1
  4. Screenshot of Totally Barbados Homepage

    Photo 2.2 – Screenshot of Totally Barbados Homepage describing the sections and features of the homepage.

    Expandable Navigational Menu

      Photo 2.1 – Dropdown Navigational Menu on Totally Barbados.
  5. The sixteen (16) flip images contain buttons to give you direct access to the main sections of our online services. (see Photo 2.2)
      1. About Barbados
      2. Accommodation
      3. Attractions
      4. Beaches
      5. Car Rentals
      6. Entertainment
      7. Events Calendar
      8. Experiences
      9. Living in Barbados
      10. Photos
      11. Places to Eat
      12. Plan a Trip
      13. Shopping
      14. Tours
      15. Visitors Guide
      16. Weddings
      17. In the top right-hand corner of our Homepage or any other page of our site, you can access our Quick Links green button. Once you hover over the button, it will turn to Orange with the Quick Links to key sections of our website, such as Products, Special Offers, Maps, Photos, and Videos. See the below image.

        Quick Links

        Quick Links on Totally Barbados.

      18. Under this section of our Homepage (and all other pages of the site), you will find access to all of the social media channels of Totally Barbados, where you can
      19. ShareLikeFollowJoinPinWatchListenChatTalkCommentView

At the very bottom of our Homepage, you will find our footer bar, with helpful links and our head office mailing address and phone number.

2. Site Search

Now that you have learned how our Homepage is set out and you can navigate around let’s get into more in-depth and more exciting features that will assist you in your search.

  • The easiest way to find what you need is to use the site search, which is located in the top right-hand corner of any page on our website. Just type the item that you want to search for and press the search button. You can then select the relevant page from the results.
  • Another useful way to search is by using our sitemap, which shows a list of pages on our website in alphabetical order, providing visitors with a list of the entire content on our site, which makes navigation to their desired piece of content that much easier.
  • Press CTRL-F on your keyboard to open the search dialogue box and be able to search for the page you are looking to find.
  • Search function – can’t find something, then search for it from the top right-hand corner of any page of our website.

3. Barbados Events Calendar

Find out what’s on in Barbados with cultural festivals and shows, events, activities, and things to in our Events Calendar. During the day or night, you can discover popular entertainment districts on the south and west coast of Barbados.

  • Barbados Events Calendar – use our calendar to find out event schedules, dates, and times of what’s on in Barbados.

4. Recommended Places

5. Visitors Guide

  • Visitors Guide to Barbados – specifically created for visitors to the island – you can find many things to do, see and experience on the island of Barbados.

6. Social Media

  • Barbados Social Networks – Join, Follow, and Like our social media channels about Barbados. Share your photos, videos, tips, and favorites places in Barbados.

Join Totally Barbados on the following social media networks.

  1. Facebook – connect, like, share and follow us
  2. Instagram – join, like, share and follow us
  3. Twitter – join, like, share and follow us
  4. Pinterest – find photos and pin us
  5. LinkedIn – Totally Barbados – work with us
  6. Tumblr – join, like, share and follow us
  7. Flickr – join, like, share and follow us
  8. LinkedIn – Brett Callaghan – work with Brett Callaghan
  9. Pocket – read our recommended articles
  10. Behance – view our portfolios
  11. Vimeo – watch video clips with us
  12. YouTube – watch videos with us
  13. Disqus – comment with us
  14. Foursquare – find us
  15. SoundCloud – listen to us
  16. Mix.com – Stumbleupon
  17. Google My Business – view our business listing in Google
  18. Medium – read our recommended articles
  19. Telegram – chat and message us
  20. Messenger – chat and message us

Connect with Totally Barbados on these additional social media channels.

If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, you can join our Barbados Facebook and Barbados Twitter networks. Twitter will keep you updated by tweeting you with the latest news about fun things to do in Barbados. Facebook will also keep you informed with wall posts and links to all the best events and information about Barbados, including special offers and discounts.

7. Subscribers


Click this link: https://www.totallybarbados.com/connect/ to sign up to receive regular updates about what’s going on in Barbados.

You will be asked for your first and last name as well as your email address.

Please tell us who you are?

  • Are you a local business in Barbados?
  • Are you a visitor to Barbados?
  • Or Are you a local Barbadian?

This will help us to ensure we send you only the information that you need.

You will then be asked to select one or more of the things that interest you and click on the “Submit” button.

  1. Connect with Totally Barbados and be a part of our VIP Club Newsletter and let us know what information interests you.


8. Sitemap

  • See a list of all the titles of all pages on our website – Barbados Sitemap. You can then search for a specific keyword or phrase by pressing “CTRL-F.” on your keyboard.

9. Local Listings / Yellow Pages

  • Places or Local Listings are similar to Yellow Page directory listings of local Barbados Places.

10. Feedback and Reviews

  • Favorites – Add a Place to your Favorite list to help you find it again in the future.
  • Feedback and Reviews – read previous feedback and reviews or post your comments to help other visitors.

11. Special Offers, Deals and Discounts

  • Special Offers and Discounts – see our list of Barbados Deals.

12. What’s New

  • What’s New at Totally Barbados – learn more about recently updated articles and new information posted on our site.

13. Related Articles

  • Related Articles

14. Breadcrumbs

  • Breadcrumbs The breadcrumb trail is visible directly below the page banner from the ‘You are here’ menu. As you navigate your way through the menus, the breadcrumb trail grows to show precisely where you are within the website.




You can use our search function – to locate the information you are looking for quickly. Simply type what you are looking for into the search box on the top right-hand side of every page on the website and hit ‘Go.’ A list of possible matches will come up, making it easy to find.

Barbados Sitemap

Our Barbados Sitemap provides a list of all pages on our website. Scroll down to the bottom green toolbar and hit ‘Sitemap.’

Click on the topic that matches your search.

Places or Local Listings

Local Places are similar to Yellow Page directory listings of local businesses in Barbados.

Click on the ‘Places‘ link on the blue navigation bar at the top or bottom of any page, and you will be taken to a list of categories. Click on the type that best suits you until you find a suitable link. Establishments that are premium members of Totally Barbados are at the top of the list with the most information, including profile pages, photos, special offers, discounts, maps, etc.; non-premium members are lower down detailing just the address and telephone number.

Recommended Premium Members

MY favorite and most recommended places to EAT, DRINK, SHOP, and STAY in Barbados – LEARN ABOUT SEE and VISIT these exciting places.

Totally Barbados has been in business for 14+ years (since September 2005), and we’ve seen many companies come and go over the years.

What I’ve listed are my favorite and most recommended places in Barbados. Most are clients for 5+ years, some for 10+ years, and I’ve learned so much from each of these in one way or another. I hope you find some of these helpful and useful to you in Barbados.

Premium members of Totally Barbados each have a unique profile page on which they can display detailed information about their establishment.

You can see pictures that link to these profile pages down the left and right-hand side of most of the pages of Totally Barbados.

To view a member’s profile in full, simply click on the image or name of the member, and you will be taken to that member’s profile page.

On each profile page you will find:

  • a description of the product, service or establishment
  • its key features
  • a photo gallery
  • contact details
  • its location and proper pricing.
  • You can also contact the company through this profile page and be entitled to discounts as a Totally Barbados user.
  • The web address of the member is also detailed on their profile page.


You can build up a list of favorites on the site so that you have a saved list of the establishments and that you are interested in with links to their profiles. When you are on a member’s profile page that you like the look of, simply click the ‘add to favorites’ button on the top left-hand side of the page, and you will start to build up your list.


Reviews are encouraged to be a genuine reflection of our experience with a place. We intend to be honest and unbiased at all times.

  • Do you know the top 10 things to do on a budget in Barbados?
  • Is your favorite place to eat or something to do in Barbados on our lists?
  • See the top 10 recommended places to eat.
  • Find out what are the best things to buy and take home.
  • Vote for your top 10, share your knowledge, and post reviews of things to do for both daytime and nighttime events.

Feedback and Reviews

You can read reviews or give feedback on the establishments on Totally Barbados. Go to the establishment’s profile page and scroll down. You will see a list of comments from tourists and visitors stating what they thought of the establishment at the bottom of the profile page.

If you want to give feedback about your experience at that attraction, simply click the ‘submit, review or comment’ link underneath the description of the establishment, above the booking form on the profile page.

Special Offers, Deals and Discounts

Special Offers, Deals, and Discounts are provided to all users of Totally Barbados. See each member’s profile page individually and click on “Get Special Offer” at the top of the page in the orange bar, to find out more.

Barbados Events Calendar

To find out what’s happening in Barbados, choose to use the Barbados events calendar on Totally Barbados. On the navigation bar, click on “Events,” and you will be taken to our activities and events calendar, providing you with dates, times, and schedules of all events taken place in Barbados.

Click on any event for more details about each specific event.

What’s New in Barbados

What’s New in Barbados

We hope this user guide for Totally Barbados helps you learn more about Barbados and how our website works, in making your Barbados Experience the best.

About Totally Barbados (Edit profile)

Brett Callaghan is the founder and managing director of Totally Barbados. I specialize in writing content for the tourism industry for my island home of Barbados. I help companies build strategies to grow online businesses with SMART marketing, advertising, and social media goals.