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Are you visiting Barbados and want a full overview of the island’s happenings? You’ve come to the right place – the Totally Barbados Visitors Guide.

Here, you’ll find out the best beaches, restaurants, accommodation, and activities Barbados has to offer –
Everything you could need to know when visiting the island.

Having won the 2010 World’s Leading Travel Destination Website Award, you can be sure that whether you’re looking for accommodation options, hotels, apartments or spas, events, things to do, restaurants, maps or other useful tips and tricks about the island, we have all the information right here.

Keep up to date with all island’s latest events by viewing our jam-packed Barbados events calendar.

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Barbados Events Calendar

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With it’s easy to use “search” function, use it to plan your next outing by checking out what events are coming up well in advance.

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Did you know?

According to the 2014 Global Innovation Index, Barbados is the most innovative country in the Caribbean and the
world’s 41st most innovative nation. Just one of the reasons you call this blessed little island ‘home’!

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Barbados Accommodation

Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel resort like The Crane hotel overlooking one of the ten best beaches in
the world or a self-catering apartment like Plum Tree Club on the south coast, Barbados has many
different types of accommodation to suit every tourist’s needs.

For the perfect place to stay in Barbados visit:

» Accommodation Map
» All Inclusive Accommodation
» Barbados Apartment Hotels
» Barbados Apartments
» Barbados Beach Cottages
» Barbados Boutique Hotels
» Barbados Hotels
» Barbados Small Hotels
» Barbados Villas
» Bed Breakfasts
» Christ Church Accommodation
» Condominiums
» East Coast Accommodation
» Family Owned Apartments
» Guest Houses
» Inland Barbados Accommodation
» South Coast Accommodation
» St Andrew Accommodation
» St George Accommodation
» St James Accommodation
» St John Accommodation
» St Joseph Accommodation
» St Lucy Accommodation
» St Michael Accommodation
» St Peter Accommodation
» St Philip Accommodation
» St Thomas Accommodation
» West Coast Accommodation

Restaurants and Dining

One thing Bajans can boast about is the high standard of restaurants on the island. There are so many beautiful places to eat – some well-known, some more ‘off the beaten track.’

There’s something for everyone; from stunning beachfront dining to lively bistros like the Coffee Bean. The best part is some restaurants offer exclusive discounts if you book through our website!

Want to know more? Find restaurants in our Restaurant Guide:

by type
by location
by parish
by cuisine

You’ll never be short of options for all tastes and budgets in Barbados.

Things to do in Barbados

As a local, you’ll be well aware that Barbados is packed with many beautiful things to see and do. However, no matter how long you’ve lived on the island, there are undoubtedly places you may not have seen or fully explored yet.

It’s an excellent reason for you to act like a tourist for the day and revisit, or even go for the first time, to some of
the fantastic locations and attractions Barbados has to offer.

For instance, why not check out the natural beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites of Harrisons Cave?

Whatever you’re looking to do, from art classes to yoga, road trips to catamaran sailing, you’re sure to be amazed as
you re-explore the island of Barbados.

» Top 10 Places to See in Barbados
» Tour Barbados
» Tour Barbados Central
» Tour Barbados East
» Tour Barbados North
» Tour Barbados South
» Tour Barbados South East
» Tour Operators
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» Tourist Attractions Map
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» Tourist Attractions West Coast

Barbados Nightlife Guide

As a local, you probably know a lot of the island’s nightspots, but it can’t hurt to refresh your memory!

As you will know, Barbados is brimming with a wide range of nightlife, from spectacular dinner and dance shows featuring fire-eaters and stilt walkers to pumping music nights showcasing live reggae, soca and house DJs. So if you like a good party, check out our Barbados Nightlife Guide and have a read through the links below:

— 1st and 2nd Street Holetown Nightlife
Barbados South Coast Nightlife
Barbados Weekly Nightlife Guide
Barbados West Coast Nightlife
— St Lawrence Gap Nightlife

Barbados Beaches

Barbados is blessed with miles of pristine beaches, just ready for you to discover, or rediscover, as the case may

As locals, we sometimes don’t get to the beach as much as we’d like but can all agree that there’s nothing better than
sinking your toes into the soft, white sand or floating in the clear, blue sea.

Barbados beaches cater to everyone, from the surfer’s favorites along the east coast to the picturesque, calmer
waters of the west coast.

To reacquaint yourself with the best beaches, see our Barbados beaches guide.

Not only will you get directions to the best beaches, but our guide also tells you the available amenities, swimming
conditions, and where you can find beach access points to ensure you arrive in the know.

South Coast Beaches
West Coast Beaches
East Coast Beaches
North Coast Beaches


Bajans are renowned sports lovers, and Barbados is teaming with all manner of sporting activities. We are blessed with international standard golf courses and polo pitches, not to mention world famous surfing spots, rally racing events, and of course cricket matches!

If you love sports check out our Totally Barbados Sports Guide. You’ll get all you need to know about World Cup Golf, World Cup Cricket, car racing, fishing, horse racing, polo, scuba diving, water skiing, water sports, wind and kite surfing, and so much more.

Getting around Barbados

It goes without saying that during your stay in Barbados, you’ll no doubt want to explore this little island paradise.
Getting around Barbados is easy. There are so many options – from hiring a car, taking the bus, and even riding a bicycle.

We’ve made your holiday route planning that little bit easier for you by providing information about the main
places of interest, as well as details about all of the island’s parishes. We even have maps to help you find your
the way around.

Airport Transport
— Barbados Limousines
— Barbados Transport Board
Bicycle Rentals
Car Rentals
Cruise Terminal Transport
Taxi Rentals
Transport Buses
— ZR Vans

Places of interest

» 1st and 2nd Street Holetown
» Bridgetown
» Holetown
» Oistins
» Speightstown
» St Lawrence Gap

Barbados Parishes

To give you a better insight into how Barbados is laid out, check out our page on the 11 parishes of Barbados.

On the south of the island, you will find the parishes of Christ Church and St Michael. On the west coast, there’s St James and St Peter.

Up north is St Lucy, and on the east coast, you’ll find St Andrew, St Joseph, St John and St Philip. Last, but not least, are the two central parishes of St Thomas and St George; the only two parishes in Barbados that are not surrounded by water.

Need more details?

» Christ Church
» St Andrew
» St George
» St James
» St John
» St Joseph
» St Lucy
» St Michael
» St Peter
» St Philip
» St Thomas

Moving to Barbados

Once you’ve decided to move to the island, let Totally Barbados be your one-stop-shop to learn all about your beautiful new island home.

You might find these links useful:

» Living in Barbados
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» On Arrival to Barbados
» Settling in at Home in Barbados
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Barbados Rocks!

We don’t need to tell you twice that Barbados is a beautiful country with so much to offer both locals and visitors alike. We encourage all visitors to Barbados to discover our island and help us spread the word to the world about the beauty of the island.

Hopefully, our pages motivate you to discover more about Barbados and find out just why it is it that Barbados ‘rocks’.

Tip: Don’t just take our word for it – check out a video from one of our website visitors – ‘Barbados Rocks!’ – and fall in love with this island paradise. – ‘Barbados Rocks!’.