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Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Barbados Wildlife Reserve


Animals of Barbados

Animals of Barbados range from Black Belly Sheep to Bajan Green Monkeys, Mongoose and Swimming Turtles.

The Barbados Black Belly sheep is exactly that; sheep, with black bellies. This breed of sheep originally developed in Barbados from hair sheep brought in by African slave traders in the 1600's and can still be found all over the island to this day.

These sheep are very easy to distinguish as they are brown with distinctive black hair on the inside of their legs and bellies and two black lines, called bars, which run down the front of the face inside the eyebrows all the way down to the muzzle. The ram grows coarse hair on the neck and a long heavy mane underneath.

The black belly sheep also provides very popular meat here on the island, often featured in stews and curries as well as roasts and racks of lamb.

For more information all about the Bajan Green Monkeys, Mongoose, and Swimming Turtles of Barbados, simply click on one of the links below.

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Barbados Green Monkey
When you come to Barbados, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our most famous resident, the Barbados Green Monkey.

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The Mongoose is a commonly found animal here on the island of Barbados.

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Swimming with the Turtles in Barbados
The fact that there is hardly anywhere else in the world where you can see these turtles and interact with them in their natural environment is just another thing that makes Barbados very special.

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