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Family Vacations in Barbados

Family vacations in Barbados are ideal when traveling with your family as it has something to offer everyone regardless of your age. If you are visiting with elder relatives such as grandparents or if you have a small baby, don’t worry Barbados can cater for all.

If you and your partner are traveling with children under ten years old, then it is advisable to book into an all-inclusive resort. They offer buffet-style lunches, so children can take as much or as little as they like and they usually have a barbecue serving burgers and hot dogs. This way you can relax and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the children wanting to eat at different times or to have to organize where to go for lunch and dinner.

Most all-inclusive resorts offer baby cribs in the room and a babysitting service so that you as parents can have some quality romantic time to appreciate the warm evenings and starry nights.

Most resorts even on a room only basis have a kids club, which usually caters for children from 3-12 years old, they lay on an action-packed day to keep the children amused while you can concentrate on the critical task of getting a good tan and catching up on a few good books.

If you feel like exploring, then there is a lot to see and do in and around Barbados. There are white sandy beaches in abundance and calm waters to take the children swimming, and plenty of sand to build a million sand castles!

Or you could venture up the east coast of the island and let the children explore in Cattlewash, where they can roam for miles on a sandy beach catching crabs, and playing in the rock pools.

Located near to Bathsheba Beach on the east coast of the parish of St Joseph, Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a ‘must-see’ tourist attraction. There is so much to see and experience as one wanders through the gardens. Many people visit as a special trip, staying all day. Others attend as part of their east coast tour.

There are also a lot of water sports activities suitable for older children such as the Jet Ski’s, doughnuts and banana ride. See Waterworld’s profile page for a full list of prices.

Many beaches provide children’s playgrounds. You can find a full list of beaches and their amenities within our Barbados Beach Guide.

If you are traveling with teenagers, then they will love the St. Lawrence Gap area, which is abundant with bars, nightclubs, restaurants and places to eat, there is always something to do in the Gap, with live music playing most nights. Barbados is a very safe place for tourists, and you can let your teenage children wander around the Gap, where they can play pool or just hang out!

By day most teenagers seem to enjoy the action of the waves, and perhaps you could use this as an excellent opportunity for them to learn a new sport such as surfing or windsurfing. Barbados has ideal conditions for teaching both of these games.

If you are traveling with older members of the family, then there are some great days out to be had visiting some of the most beautiful tropical gardens such as the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens, Andromeda or Orchid World. You can also have some meals to remember as Barbados boasts some of the best fining dining restaurants in the world. Or perhaps the family would enjoy afternoon tea at the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel.

Check out our sightseeing and tourist attractions pages to see the range of activities available in Barbados.

— Beaches galore to explore!
— Watersports
— Surfing
— Great family days out
— Excellent cuisine

Following are some of our favorites:

Flower Forest Botanical Gardens

The Flower Forest Botanical Gardens of Barbados is a perfect place to retreat from the hustle of the world and just relax for a few hours.

Find your tranquility in the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens of Barbados. Treeful forest, panoramic views, and flowers. 53.6 acres reserved only for green botanical ventures,, with 7 acres of wild garden in the Barbados ‘Scotland District’ 750 ft above sea level in Barbados.

Telephone: +1 (246) 433-8152


Years ago many potters were creating interesting items from clay on Chalky Mount. Today, there are very few potters in existence, but Earthworks has maintained the tradition and offers a spectacular variety of items for purchase.

Formed by Goldie Spieler over 20 years ago, Earthworks is now run by her son David. Chances are when you visit Earthworks, David will be seated at his pottery wheel creating an unusual vase or bowl. Tours can be arranged by special request, to view the other potters at work!

Right next-door, in On the Wall at Earthworks is an impressive art studio featuring Vanita Commission and a batik studio called HP Batik that has work by Henderson Reece. The view across the valley is breathtaking from the Tree House Café. The Tree House has a huge veranda with art displays by Marguerite St. John and is a delicious place for lunch!

Telephone: (246) 425-0223
Email: eworks@caribsurf.com

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Incredible gardens with an unparalleled collection of plants located on the picturesque east coast of Barbados. Free entrance for children aged under fifteen. Children enjoy finding the letters, numbers and the corresponding plants. Everybody, including parents, enjoys feeding the fish!

Telephone: (246) 433-9384

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Located in a mahogany forest in the parish of St. Peter, is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Here you will find a tremendous number of birds and animals hidden throughout the foliage. It is important to walk silently and be observant – otherwise, you may miss some of the creatures that are also observing you!

The Reserve includes mongoose, deer, agouti, hares, porcupines, tortoises, pelicans, flamingos, peacocks and more! Most of the animals are allowed to roam freely through the reserve – except for the Pythons, Boas, Caymans and a few others.

The Barbados Green Monkeys rule the roost at The Wildlife Reserve and are a pleasure to behold, particularly at feeding time (3 pm). Please remember all animals here are wild, and one should not try to get too close!

Telephone: (246) 422-8826
Book Now: The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Sandy Turf Stables

If you want to learn how to ride horses or just try it out – this is the place to visit. Sandy Turf has many ponies that are just the right size. If you are a bit timid, Auntie Sandra also has ducks, goats, chickens, tortoises, rabbits, and parrots for you to see!

Telephone: (246) 427-4768
Email: sandyturf@caribsurf.com

Rockley Golf & Country Club

Learn how to play golf on a 9-hole course that is ideal for children. Golf clubs and carts are available for rent. After playing a round of golf, you can visit the Out of Bounds Restaurant for a nice cold drink and snack!

Telephone: (246) 435-7873
Email: info@rockleygolfclub.com

The Globe Drive-In

Barbados’ drive-in movie theatre. Speakers are available at each parking spot, or you can tune into the radio to receive the sound. The Globe Drive-In offers a full assortment of delicious snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching the movie.
Please check the island’s local paper to see what movies are showing during your holiday.

Telephone: (246) 426-4692
Email: globecinema@caribsurf.com

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

Explore a magical Mangrove Forest where all sorts of creatures have made their home. Admire the tranquility of the beautiful pond that is the focal point of Graeme Hall and hides the 9-foot Tarpons beneath its surface. An exciting place to explore along the cleverly crafted boardwalk, you will discover many animals and plants here including egrets, flamingos, parrots, and monkeys. The Aviaries are a favorite amongst visitors! Binoculars, drinks, and snacks are available at the Science & Education Store.

Telephone: (246) 435-9727
Website: www.graemehall.com

Gun Hill Signal Station

En route to the East Coast is a huge statue of a lion carved by a soldier in 1868. The ‘lion’ is a well-known landmark in Barbados and a favorite photo site with adults and children.

The Lion is an ideal location for a photo shoot with the kids sitting astride this magnificent statue while admiring the panoramic view of the South Coast of the island.

Directly next door to the lion is Gun Hill Signal Station. Built in 1818, and protected by The Barbados National Trust, the Signal Station has been very well maintained and is an opportunity to step back in time.

The historic architecture and captivating view are equally as enchanting as the story of the operation and purpose of the Signal Station in years past. A massive hit with children!

Telephone: (246) 429-1358
Email: natrust@sunbeach.net

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society

Another opportunity for time travel! The Barbados Museum was originally a British Military Prison and is over 70 years old. Divided into various galleries, the Museum is a trove of unique treasures. The Children’s Gallery offers an exciting medley of ancient ships, a doll’s house and much more! There are also period costumes available for the children to dress up in – an excellent picture moment for parents and children to cherish as a souvenir of their holiday.

In The Africa Gallery of the museum, you will find all sorts of unusual objects to listen to and see. Antique maps, prints, and paintings! Here you can learn all about the vital link between Africa and Barbados.

In the Natural History Gallery, you will discover coral reefs, mangrove swamps and how turtles and fish are protected in Barbados. The Barbados Museum also offers an exciting gift shop that caters to adults and children.

Telephone: (246) 427-0201
Email: musepr@barbmuse.org.bb

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is a must for all visitors. Considered by many as ‘one of the wonders of the world’ Harrison’s Cave is an experience to remember. Journey into the core of the island aboard a tram, and witness the miracle of nature as you venture past underwater rivers and waterfalls. The stalactites and stalagmites are beautiful beyond description.

Telephone: (246) 438-6640

The Animal Flower Cave

Situated at the top of the island in the parish of St. Lucy is The Animal Flower Cave! A sea cave set in the depths of rugged cliffs boarding the Atlantic Ocean, The Animal Flower Cave offers visitors the rare opportunity to explore large caverns, view unusual rock formations and perhaps catch a glimpse of some sea anemones under the watchful eye of a guide. Upon completion of a tour, you may choose to visit some of the local arts and craft vendor’s booths or have a snack at the informal restaurant nearby.

Telephone: (246) 439-8797

Island Tours With A Difference

For those of you who long for adventure and enjoy venturing off the beaten track contact Island Safari or Adventure Land Tours for off-road fun and excitement!

Island Safari
Telephone: (246) 429-5337
Email: info@islandsafari.bb

Adventure Land Tours

Telephone: (246) 429-3687
Email: info@adventurelandbarbados.com

Family Oriented Restaurants

(1) Bubbas Sports Bar and Restaurant
(2) Chefette & Barbeque Barn, Various Locations
(3) Players Sports Bar
(4) The Lucky Horseshoe Saloon & Steakhouse, Various Locations

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