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The Governor General (GG) of Barbados acts as the domestic representative for the Chief or Head of State. As a Constitutional Monarchy, the role of Head of State has been filled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since February 6th 1952.

Barbados has one of the oldest Westminster-style parliaments in the western hemisphere. The office of the Governor and a council were established in 1627, with the House of Assembly constituted in 1639 (then known as the House of Burgesses). Upon independence, this council was replaced with a Senate.

The Governor General is appointed by the Head of State upon recommendation by the Prime Minister of Barbados. Prior to achieving independence on November 30th 1966, the post of Governor General was known simply as ‘Governor‘.

The responsibilities of the governor general have evolved over time, along with the evolution of Barbados as a sovereign and independent nation.

Responsibilities of the Governor General of Barbados include:

— Appointing 7 of the 21 members of Senate
— Providing assent for primary legislation enacted through the House of Assembly and the Senate
— Appointing the Cabinet upon the Prime Minister’s advice and other ministers of the Crown
— Appointing the Prime Minister following legislative elections
— In the case of a minority government, the GG must appoint the most suitable candidate for the position of Prime Minister
— Representing Barbados during State visits abroad and receiving Royal visitors, Heads of State and foreign ambassadors to the country
— Performing royal constitutional and ceremonial duties in Barbados
— Accrediting Barbadian High Commissioners and ambassadors

Barbados Governor Generals and their Terms of Office

Governor General and Tenure

— Sir John Montague Stow
30/11/1966 – 18/05/1967

— Sir Arleigh Winston Scott
18/05/1967 – 09/08/1976

— Sir William Douglas
09/08/1976 – 17/11/1976 (acting, first time)

— Sir Deighton Lisle Ward
17/11/1976 – 09/01/1984

— Sir William Douglas
10/01/1984 – 24/01/1984 (acting, second time)

 Sir Hugh Springer
24/02/1984 – 06/06/1990

— Dame Nita Barrow
06/06/1990 – 19/12/1995

— Sir Denys Williams
19/12/1995 – 01/06/1996 (acting)

— Sir Clifford Husbands
01/06/1996 – present

— Sir Elliott Belgrave
June 1st, 2012 to Current