Sir Arleigh Winston Scott

Sir Arleigh Winston Scott (1900 – 1976) was the 2nd Governor General of Barbados following independence in 1966. The first Barbadian Governor General of the island, Scott served as Governor General from May 18th 1967 to August 9th 1976.

Young Scott was educated at the St. Giles Boys School, later pursuing his secondary studies at the prestigious Harrison College. Scott went on to study medicine in the United States at Howard University as well as at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

While at Howard, Scott became a brother of the Epsilon Sigma chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. The fraternity – composed predominantly of African Americans – was founded on the basis of brotherhood, scholarship and service.

Scott returned to the U.S. to pursue further studies and took on the role of visiting ophthalmic surgeon to New York’s Harlem Hospital.

In 1953, Dr. Scott returned to his native home of Barbados where he became a leading medical practitioner. Upon his return to Barbados, Scott also embarked on a political career. In 1964, Dr. Scott was appointed into the Senate, a position he held until 1967. He was appointed to the Privy Council of Barbados in 1966.

Among Scott’s greatest achievements was his establishment of the Woodside Memorial Clinic, a nursing home which he ran until becoming Governor General in 1967.

Dr. Scott also had a philanthropic nature, often donating his time and services to the Children’s Goodwill League and providing lectures on public heath.

Upon the retirement of Sir John Stow, the last colonial Governor of Barbados, Dr. Scott was appointed Governor General of Barbados by Queen Elizabeth II. Scott was knighted into the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George that same year after which time he became known as “Sir Winston Scott.”

Sir Winston’s appointment to the position of Governor General was a historic moment in the history of Barbados. Scott was the first Barbadian to hold the position of Head of State of Barbados.

Scott took office shortly after the country gained independence. Upon becoming Governor General, he was granted honorary membership of the Rotary Club of Barbados and named a Patron of the Club.

Like many colonial governors before him, Sir Winston also took an interest in cricket which is Barbados’ national sport. Sir Winston soon became a patron of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).

After suffering from a heart ailment for several months, Sir Winston died at his official residence on August 9th 1976. He was 76 years of age.

The Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) sponsors the annual Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture. Established in 1976, this lecture series has featured such reknowned figured as Dr David Suzuki as well as Professor and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz.


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