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Barbados Business Guide

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  • Barbados International Business Statistics
    Totally Barbados International Business Statistics provide an array of information on the International Business sector in Barbados.
  • Barbados Labour and Employment EnvironmentUnder this Barbados Labour and Employment Environment section, you will find a catalog of information related to labor laws and legislation, recruitment, immigration, trade unionism, health and safety in the workplace, the Barbados national insurance.
  • Conference FacilitiesThere is a range of Hotels and Conference Facilities that cater to everything you could require to stage your event professionally.
  • Barbados Business NewsLearn about the recent developments happening around the world and in Barbados that shows how Barbados and its people are strengthening its position on the world stage by simply clicking on an article below.
  • Barbados BanksThere are six commercial banks licensed to operate in Barbados.
  • Barbados CurrencyMay 1972 marked the founding of the Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) and the creation of the Barbadian dollar.
  • Barbados Employment Requirements
    Non-nationals who would like to gain employment in Barbados, for the short or long term, are required to have a Work Permit issued by the Barbados Immigration Department before commencing work.
  • Barbados Work Permits – Several non-nationals are living in Barbados who may wish to seek employment during their stay on the island, but if you want to work while in Barbados then you must get a work permit from the Immigration Department
  • Barbados AccommodationsWhen planning a business trip to Barbados, one of the essential elements is where you will stay.
  • Barbados Advertising and MarketingAll about the Internet, Printed Media, Tourism, Local Advertising, Television, Radio, and Advertising Agencies in Barbados.

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