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Barbados Homes and Gardens – Barbados is proud of its’ showcase of spectacular homes and gardens. The general landscaping, which have combined to create an ‘Eden on the Sea’ in the heart of the Caribbean.

The island presently hosts several thousands of cultivated species of plants which, The Barbados Horticultural Society creatively selects from and displays in a ‘secret garden style’ when participating in the prestigious annual Chelsea Flower Show held in London, England. Over the last seventeen years, Barbados has been awarded an impressive eleven Gold Medals and six Silver Gilt Medals.

For those of you who share the joy of gardening, The Barbados National Trust hosts many Open Days throughout the year, where you can explore homes and gardens that are generally closed to the public eye.

Andromeda Gardens, The Flower Forest, Orchid World and Welchman Hall Gully offer mesmerizing, peaceful botanical gardens that are open to the public throughout the year.

‘Barbados In Bloom’, available in stores island-wide, is a recent hard back publication that offers a rare opportunity to view and treasure the many private gardens and botanical gardens that are nestled in the parishes of Barbados.


Barbados Homes

Nestled in tranquil gardens throughout the island are a number of homes that form part of Barbados’s heritage – they are the Plantation Great Houses. Hundreds of years old, many of these stately homes are open to the public.

Sunbury Plantation is one of our favourites! Visitors to Sunbury have the opportunity to travel back in time, over 300 years and witness first hand what a majestic plantation great house would have looked like. Mahogany furniture, antique maps and prints, horse drawn carriages and more… await the eager explorer. For those of you who are a child-at-heart and enticed by the magical – the courtyard opens onto a spectacular Mahogany forest – where the trees whisper secrets of those who came before.

Following are just a few of the historic homes whose doors are simply waiting for you to open…:

–• Sunbury Plantation House
•– Francia
–• Tyrol Cot


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