Education and Training in Barbados are key to the country’s development and therefore the government has invested heavily in the education infrastructure.

Education starts in Barbados at the age of 3 where children start at infant school, at the age of 5 they move on to primary school and at the age of 11 they attend senior school, which is compulsory until the age of 16.

From 16 – 18 years of age students can study for their A levels in senior school and then continue on to higher education at either the University of West Indies or the Barbados Community College for more academic subjects.

Some students may choose to leave school at 16 and then attend the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic where they can train in more practical subjects such as Building, Business Studies, Automotive, Welding, Human Ecology, Mechanical Engineering, Printing, Electrical Engineering, and Agriculture.

The aim of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic is to provide both practical and vocational training, which gives students a clear understanding of their subject in the workplace and to provide them with a diploma or certificate in their chosen field.

The first technical institute in Barbados opened in 1952 and then merged with the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic when it opened in 1969. Since it’s humble beginnings in 1952, this arm of the education department has evolved to incorporate agriculture, home economics, clothing craft, and cosmetology in addition to those subjects listed above.

Samuel Jackman Prescod is a national hero of Barbados and the polytechnic was named after him as he spent his life encouraging social consciousness and fighting for equality. He helped free black people gain access to education and he fought to establish the current education system that Barbados enjoys today.

For further information on Samuel Jackman Prescod please click on the link below to the Totally Barbados section on National Heroes.

Courses available include:

— Principles of Accounts CXC & Advanced
— Accounts Technology & Administration
— Agriculture
— Animal Husbandry
— Architectural Drafting Technology
— Auto Body Repairs
— Automotive
— Basic Care of the Older Adult
— Basic Machine Shop
— Basic Mechanical Maintenance
— Beauty Therapy
— Block Laying & Concreting
— Bookbinding
— Building Drawing
— Building Maintenance for Practitioners
— Building Maintenance for Home Owners
— Cabinet & Furniture Making
— Cake & Pastry Making
— Car Maintenance
— Care of the Elderly
— Carpentry & Joinery
— Catering
— Child Care and Nursery Management
— Civil & Structural Drafting
— Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD)
— Computer Maintenance
— Construction Supervision
— Cookery, Cosmetology
— Counselling
— Crop Husbandry
— Crop Protection
— Office Administration
— Office Technology
— Drapery & Soft Furnishings
— Dressmaking
— Electrical Wiring
— Electrical Installation
— Electrical & Electronics
— Electronics Servicing Technology
— Elements of Basic Counselling
— English Language
— Esthetics – Nail Care, Esthetics – Skin Care
— Gardening and Plant
— Garment Making
— Geriatric Studies
— Home Economics
— Hot Stone Treatment
— Industrial Refrigeration
— Information Technology
— Interior Decoration
— Ladies Tailoring
— Landscaping & Horticulture
— Maritime Operations
— Masonry
— Mechanical Maintenance
— Massage Therapy
— Micro Computer Technology
— Micro Electronics Technology
— Motor Vehicle Engineering
— Network Administration
— Network Cabling
— Network Technologies
— Occupational Health
— Safety & Welfare
— Office Administration
— Office Procedures
— Office Technology
— Painting & Decorating
— Plant Maintenance
— Plumbing
— Printing
— QuickBooks 3
— Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
— Computer Aide Drafting 1
— Small Builders Foremanship
— Small Business Management
— Small Engine Repairs
— Sound Technology
— Supervisory Management
— Tourism Craft Upholstery
— Web Page Design
— Welding Engineering
— Welding Processes.

For further information about the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic please visit www.sjpp.edu.bb.


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