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Here are the top trending pages for 2019 (last updated on August 2nd, 2019) with the most popular content on the web and Totally Barbados.

  1. Barbados – our homepage is an excellent starting point for everything about Barbados.
  2. Barbados Events Calendar – find out what to do in Barbados with event and activity schedules each day of the week.
  3. Barbados Recipes Guide – cook up and follow our Barbados recipes for that unique flavor and taste of Barbados.
  4. St. Lawrence Gap – “The Gap”, is located on the south coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church, where restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and many small businesses, all ply their trade happily together.
  5. Airport Shopping – shopping you can do when departing at the Barbados airport.
  6. Things to Buy and Take Home – while shopping in Barbados, be sure to purchase some of the most popular souvenirs that make our top 10 things to buy and take home.
  7. Barbadian Dialect – learn all about the local language of Barbados, which is often referred to as Bajan dialect, or quite simply ‘Bajan.’
  8. Acquiring a Barbados Work Permit
  9. About Barbados – do you want to learn about the island Barbados? You can find all of the insider information into everything you need to know about Barbados.
  10. Barbados Weather – we have a climate blessed with a beautiful weather combination – bright sunshine and cool breezes virtually all year round.
  11. Flights to Barbados – getting a flight to Barbados is easier than you might think.
  12. Things to do before Barbados Vacation – as you start preparing your vacation, follow these hot insider tips on things to do before your Barbados vacation.
  13. Duty-Free Shopping in Barbados – all you need to be able to purchase merchandise at the duty-free price is your passport and plane ticket showing when you are leaving the island.
  14. Weekly Nightlife Guide – every night is party night in Barbados – with many activities happening on both the island’s south and west coast which add to the fun nightlife in Barbados.
  15. Facts about Barbados – do you want some quick facts about the island of Barbados?
  16. Finding a job in Barbados – are you looking to find a job in Barbados? Get helpful hints and tips on where to start your search.
  17. Rum Punch Recipe
  18. Ya Know Ya is a Bajan When – Jokes
  19. Fun Barbados Guide
  20. Top 10 Barbados Delicacies
  21. Top 10 Places to See in Barbados
  22. Barbados Visitors Guide
  23. Barbados Google Maps and Locations
  24. Things to do in Barbados
  25. Things Bajans Enjoy Doing on the Weekends

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