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    Ever read something on Totally Barbados and thought ‘I’d love to share that with others!’? Well, now you can do so very quickly.

    Using the ‘Social Media Sharing‘ buttons on the right of this (or any of our pages), you can now share the content you love from Totally Barbados all over the world.

    Here are the top trending 15 pages for 2018 and the most popular content on Totally Barbados.

    1. Barbados
    2. Barbados Events Calendar
    3. Barbados Recipes Guide
    4. Finding a job in Barbados
    5. Rum Punch Recipe
    6. Airport Shopping
    7. Weekly Nightlife Guide
    8. Acquiring a Barbados Work Permit
    9. Ya Know Ya is a Bajan When – Jokes
    10. Fun Barbados Guide
    11. Top 10 Barbados Delicacies
    12. Top 10 Places to See in Barbados
    13. Barbados Visitors Guide
    14. Barbados Google Maps and Locations
    15. Things to do in Barbados

    16. A favorite page on Facebook called “Old Time Photos Barbados” showcases many exciting photos of historical Barbados.

    Do you have other exciting things to share with us about our island Barbados? Be sure to contact us and let us know.

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