Top 10 Free Things to do

Top 10 Free Things to do

See Barbados For Free!

Although Barbados is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean, you don’t need to break the bank to experience all that this beautiful little island has to offer.

There are plenty of free things you can do in Barbados that won’t cost you a cent. You have to know where to look for the free stuff to do.

That’s why the team at Totally Barbados has come up with a list of our top 10 free things to do in Barbados. We’ve got all the insider information to see the island without burning a hole in your wallet.

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Barbados

1. Hit The Beach

Barbados is renowned for its beautiful beaches. And, all the beaches in Barbados are public, so the choice is yours! Each coast of the island has its own set of unique characteristics and charm, some safer for swimming than others, some more suited to water sports, and some best admired from afar due to strong currents. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

2. Walk the Boardwalk

There are two main boardwalks to choose from in Barbados – south coast or west coast. And, a relaxing walk along either promenade won’t cost you a thing. The sidewalks are popular with both locals and tourists alike, especially at sunrise or sunset. Lined with bars and restaurants, should you decide to spend some of your holiday pocket money.

3. Window Shop At Limegrove

Love all the designer brands, but your budget won’t allow for it? Never fear, you can always indulge in a spot of window shopping at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, located on the more glamorous west coast of Barbados. You can still soak in all your favorite brands, for absolutely no cost!

4. Take A Picnic

A picnic is not only a delightful way to spend an afternoon, but it’s also free. There are so many places in Barbados to pack some treats and go for a picnic that we can’t possibly name them all here. Some of our hot spots include Miami Beach, Queen’s Park, Farley Hill National Park, Three Houses, and Bathsheba.

5. Visit A Local Market

Visiting a local market is a great way to get a feel for the lively characters of Barbados, as well as see the variety of local produce, arts, and crafts available on the island. Most are free to enter, so your only cost is any of the fabulous items you may wish to purchase. Why not take the time to talk to some of the local vendors – it’s also free, and you might just make a few friends in the process! Again, some markets in Barbados are too many to name all, but some suggestions include Cheapside Market, Holders Farmers Market, Brighton Farmers Market, and Graeme Hall Farmers Market.

6. Go For A Hike

The Barbados National Trust runs free (donations welcome) guided ‘Hike Barbados’ walks every Sunday at 6 am, 3.30 pm, and a ‘Moonlight Hike’ at 5.30 pm. So, grab your sneakers and camera, and enjoy seeing some of the places in Barbados that most people don’t get to – all for free!

7. Take A Trip To The Nation’s Capital

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, which has made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage site list. Explore the city and discover the history and heritage of the island, all for free!

8. Crop Over Festival

Although you can pay to participate in the largest and most popular festival in Barbados, you can also watch all the excitement from the sidelines, and at no cost! Crop Over Festival starts in July and celebrates the once-dominant sugar cane harvest with a summer party vibe like no other. You’ll see colorful costumes, calypso, and carnival festivities for a whole two months, so there’s plenty of time to catch some of the action.

9. See The Local Arts

Take in some of the local art and craft at Pelican Village Craft Centre, located on the outskirts of Bridgetown. You can walk to the shops and gallery, and see local artisans hard at work, without spending any money at all. Should the mood take you, you can purchase some of the art, craft, and other local souvenirs like woven baskets, paintings, wood carvings, and pottery, all made and designed by local and regional artisans.

10. Watch A Sunset Or Sunrise

How could we mention free things to do in Barbados without recommending seeing nature at its finest, and of course, it’s all for free! Look out for the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that occur every day on the island. The best part? You can soak it all in, without hurting the hip pocket. And, as they say, the best things in life are free!

Want to know more?

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Written by: Brett Callaghan

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