Cheapside Market

Barbados – An Island Of Progress

Barbados is an island of progress. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can compete with almost any top international tourist destination regarding hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and so much more.

Our stable political environment, high literacy level, and high quality of life mean Barbados will always stand out as one of the gems of the Caribbean, as well as in the world.

In fact, according to the 2014 Global Innovation Index, Barbados is the most innovative country in the Caribbean and the world’s 41st most innovative nation.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that we are a tiny island. However, this small island has a tremendous amount of charm and imprints itself into the hearts and minds of all those who visit our shores, as well as those who make Barbados their home.

To Market, To Market

To indeed discover some of the charms that make Barbados so unique visit Cheapside Market, a public indoor and open-air market in the island’s capital, Bridgetown.

Cheapside Market is an area that the Government has designated to small, side-of-the-road vendors and artisans to show and sell their wares, as well as a large open building where you’ll find all manner of fresh local produce at fair prices.

Located in the building right next to the General Post Office, the ground floor of Cheapside Market offers a large variety of goods to purchase – everything from fresh fruits, local ground provisions, aromatic herbs, and spices, to even a butchers section where you can choose from all kinds of cuts of meat.

There are rows, upon rows of market vendors, eager to make a sale. Everything is, as the name of the market implies, very reasonably priced, and most vendors are willing to negotiate on large purchases.

The second floor of the market houses vintage second-hand clothing, jewelry, a dressmaker, food stalls, and even a public restroom.

Out the front of the market, you will also find stalls selling local produce, as well as a variety of belts, bags, clothing, jewelry, handmade leather goods, clothes, as well as the artwork.

Tip: Just opposite Cheapside Market is an area known as the Temple Yard. Here you’ll find many local artisans going about their daily business and are always happy to see a new face. You’ll find locally made carvings, artwork, leather goods, shoes, and even food stalls to tempt your tastebuds after a hard day of shopping.

All vendors and craftspeople in this Cheapside Market area are delightful and helpful. Like most Bajans, they are always up for a chat and a laugh. Want to know more about the people of Barbados? Read our People page to get a real feel for what is quite possibly Barbados’ greatest asset!

Hint: The best time to visit Cheapside Market is on a Saturday, where it is a hive of activity and colorful characters. You’ll find many locals shopping for their weekly fresh produce, and you’re bound to get a real taste of the hustle and bustle of local life here in Barbados.

Cheapside Market is an excellent example of Barbadian culture if you’re looking for somewhere to get an original souvenir to take back home with you.

Or the perfect gift for that impossible-to-buy-for friend. Or just looking for something interesting to do, visit Cheapside Market and discover some of our small island charms for yourself, a great local experience!

By: Brett Callaghan

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