Barbados Conference Facilities

Barbados Conference Facilities

As one of the leading tourism destinations in the Caribbean, Barbados has also developed a reputation as an ideal place to host conferences.

There is a recognition that countries that concentrate and market conference facilities tend to earn vital revenue, especially if their facilities conform to global standards.

In Barbados, there is a wide range of facilities for hosting conferences. Some of these are located at the top of the line hotels like:

The most notable, however, is the state-owned Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC).

The LESC was carefully designed to fit all of the requirements which modern-day conferences require. Built at the cost of over $40 million, the center, previously known as Sherbourne, hosts several events that include large conferences, banquets, trade exhibitions,s and awards ceremonies.

It represents a deliberate move by the government to go after the specific niche of conference tourism.

The Hilton Barbados Resort also has facilities to accommodate several conferences at the same time. Added to that are excellent parking facilities and a splendid foyer that creates a perfect ambiance for those attending the events.

All of them, hotels and the LESC, are equipped with modern telecommunications, offer business services, and have support staff on hand.

Hosting a successful conference or event in Barbados, as it is anywhere, takes skill and planning. Location, facilities, and resources are key factors in the decision-making process.

When planning your next business event, consider the island of Barbados as one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations.

Well over one million visitors come to the island each year. These numbers are split between overnight/long-stay visitors and cruise ship passengers who spend a day on the island.

The Barbados economy also includes international business, which provides a significant link with the conference business. Many of the companies that make up the sector opt to host their conferences here.

The country is also well serviced by several international and regional airlines, which is vital for a country looking to attract international conferences.

Most of the airlines originate from the North Atlantic and Caribbean countries, and there are plans to widen the current schedule out of Brazil with service from Panama.

The substantial airlift capacity and Barbados’ location as the most easterly Caribbean country provide a comparative advantage over other regions.

Several CARICOM meetings are held here, and just recently, the LESC was the venue for the FOROMIC XV, the biggest business conference in Latin America and the Caribbean. It attracted more than a thousand delegates from the region, a record number for the conference.

Estimates suggest that a high percentage of the long-stay visitors are classified as repeat visitors, suggesting that Barbados has mastered the art of hospitality.

The friendly and welcoming nature of its people is complemented by the beautiful Caribbean seascapes, a rich history with which Barbados is endowed.

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Published: July 8th, 2018
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