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Whatever the special event, event planning involves many details from budgeting, site design, coordinating event suppliers, décor, menu selection, delivery of equipment, entertainment, on-site supervision during the event and of course the wrap up.

The list seems endless.

Proper planning is essential and proper planning pays making your event an unforgettable experience.

The perfect and unforgettable Wedding Day; Imagine a beautiful Barbados setting.
The polished and sophisticated Cocktail Party. As the sun sets sounds of the tropical evening take over.
The image-making Corporate Launch. Barbados has an enthusiastic and educated business clientele.
The fun and themed Special Birthday. Whether for children or the young at heart these are a winner.
The Music Festivals and Sporting Events. Barbados has the expertise and the appreciation of a good party.

Wedding and event planners can help ease the burden of managing and remembering all the details that go into a successful event, truly making you a guest who can relax and enjoy your own event.

Planners offer a wide range of services. It’s important to choose a planner that is experienced in the type of event that you want to hold. Some planners specialize in just weddings others corporate events. Be sure when choosing a planner that you obtain references and from them learn about their customer satisfaction.

Planners can act as consultants for the various stages of the event design. You may want the planner to oversee every aspect of your event or simply provide guidance on areas where you may need assistance. In either case be sure that you understand what you expect your event planner to provide and what aspects you will undertake yourself.

Good planning starts as early as possible. Once a suitable date is established its time to swing into action!

Whether utilizing the services of the event planner or organizing yourself, the budget should be established and as far as possible stick to it! The budget will also dictate how large the event will be and how many invitees. Where will your event be held? Venues need to be booked early.

As you get further into organizing your event utilize the knowledge of your service providers. They are the event professionals and their knowledge is valuable. Your rental company can be of tremendous assistance in planning site layouts if you are outdoors and need tenting for instance.

They can provide seating arrangements, tables and linens. They can coordinate décor and lighting. The rental companies work closely with the caterers for their needs such as the buffet areas, china, cutlery and kitchens. The caterers themselves can advise on menus and options to suit all tastes.

Décor and lighting experts can turn a back yard into a wonderland and a good band or DJ keeps the party moving.

Whatever your event, the special event planners and event professionals of Barbados have the expertise, knowledge and resources to make an event an occasion to remember.