Volunteer for a charity in Barbados

If you have spare time and wish to give to a worthwhile cause, why not think about volunteering to work for a charity or association in Barbados? There are a number of charitable organizations in Barbados who rely heavily on volunteers to help them out.

Being a volunteer doesn’t mean that you have to commit to work for the charity full time; you can literally give up an hour of your time every week, all of which can make a huge difference.

By being a volunteer you are offering your services or skills free of charge to help your chosen charity or worthwhile cause. By working free of charge this means more funds go to the cause of the charity and therefore eases their financial burden.

There are many ways in which to help a particular charity; for example you could volunteer as a fund raiser which can be as simple as positioning yourself outside a busy shopping area with a collection tin or it can be more complex if you decide to actually organize an event to raise funds for the charity.

Depending on the charity you choose, there are other ways to volunteer your time and services. If you decide to work for a cancer charity then you may have skills which can really help patients and their families. For example perhaps you are a trained medical practitioner and you may be able to offer some extra time either treating or advising patients. Or maybe you are a trained counselor who can help patients and their families cope with the stress associated with diagnosis, or even help with bereavement counseling.

If you decide to work for a charity that helps heart & stroke patients, then you may be able to offer practical help around the house or advise them on rehabilitation.

Maybe your skills lie in accounting, in which case you can help people to manage their finances after the loss of a loved one, or when they are incapacitated and no longer able to work.

If you decide to work for a charity that helps the elderly then perhaps you would enjoy visiting an elderly person to provide company and companionship, or to help them with their household chores. You could offer your services to go and do their weekly shopping, or to take them to the supermarket. You can also help by doing their gardening for them.

Perhaps you are a good swimmer and enjoy being around children, in which case you could work with one of the children’s charities and run regular swimming classes for the children or you can help to organize interesting outings and activities for the children.

Maybe you have a keen interest in animals in which case you could work with one of the animal shelters, they always need volunteers to collect animals, to walk dogs and to do the daily feeding.

Whatever your skill set, be it professional or unqualified there are a number of ways in which you can help other people less fortunate than yourself but just giving up a little of your spare time.

Please check the yellow pages for listings of charities in Barbados and then you can decide which charity to contact that you would like to help.


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