Barbados Entertainment Investments

Barbados Entertainment Investments

Art, entertainment and film industries in Barbados have long been overlooked for their potential investment opportunity. However, Barbados’ Culture Industry is getting a lot of attention these days and major investors in the arts and entertainment are wise to take note.

With such internationally recognized artists as Kite, Rihanna and Rupee, Barbados is quickly becoming known as a breeding ground for raw talent.

Events take place year round featuring such renowned performers as Lionel Richie and Patti LaBelle, ensuring that music enthusiasts from around the world continue to consider Barbados as a top rate destination.

Local talent abounds with dedicated artists, photographers, models, musicians and craftsmen showcased through events and activities such as:

» National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA)
» Barbados Jazz Festival
» Barbados Music Festival
» Barbados Manufacturers Expo (BMEX)
» Crop-Over Festival.

For film enthusiasts, the Barbados International Film Festival (BIFF) – in partnership with Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) – highlights new and emerging talent in the Caribbean independent film-making industry.

But don’t forget the culture industry is not just about the ‘talent’; Barbados offers a broad array of services and support including:

» Sales & Services
» Technical Skills (Recording & Digital Mastering)
» Event Management & Production

Year-round events production and technical services are available through the National Cultural Foundation (NCF). The NCF also provides a forum for international and regional dialogue on culture issues.

Supporting the cultural industries, Network Barbados (NB) is a professional networking site that strives to promote Barbados’ products while connecting local Barbadians, the Barbadian Diaspora abroad and island enthusiasts.

Membership in Network Barbados is a must for:

» Barbadian service providers
» Foreign investors
» Persons/organizations in the service industry seeking business partners
» Caribbean service providers operating in the international arena

Investors will further benefit from services provided through Invest Barbados (IB).

IB’s head office is located in Bridgetown with satellite offices in London, New York, Miami and Toronto.

To propel the Barbadian music, film, as well as other cultural services and products onto the world stage, Invest Barbados – via the Indigenous Services Exports Division (ISE) – has been promoting the indigenous sector since its inception in 2007.

ISE helps Barbadian service providers through a variety of incentives including:

» Consultation services
» Financial support
» Market identification and entry
» Promotional activities
» Formation of strategic alliances and partnerships
» Facilitation of linkages with foreign investor

The establishment of a national film commission is in the works by the Government of Barbados. The government realizes the long term potential of Barbados’ film industry and is setting the stage to build the capacity of small scale production and advertising while facilitating Barbadian talent onto the global market place.

Artists, musicians, promotions and reps, investors, talent scouts as well as government and other industry stakeholders will benefit from the Caribbean chapter of the Music Manager’s Forum (MMF). A non-profit organization, the MMF provides a space for open discussion on issues pertaining to the music and entertainment industry.

The MMF seeks to:

» Raise professional management standards
» Develop management skills
» Promote knowledge and international awareness of the Caribbean music industry
» Provide skill building workshops and panel discussions
» Create a networking platform for the establishment of a Community of Practice among music and other related industry professionals
» To create a collective voice with which to lobby on key issues within the industry

Barbados is bursting with untapped potential and raw talent. Visit Barbados today to explore all the island has to offer in the Art, entertainment and film industries.

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