Barbados Fashion Investments

Barbados Fashion Investments

Fashion Design and Manufacturing is a key feature of Barbados’ export under the Indigenous Services Exports Division (ISE) – is a stellar chance for investors seeking to expand into the flourishing high-end fashion industry.

Whether you are an Angel Investor looking for something different, a foreign designer seeking a place of inspiration to base your existing business or if you are involved in one of the many fashion supporting industries, Barbados is truly an investor’s paradise.

The fashion industry in Barbados parallels the islands beauty, sophistication and class with internationally renowned designers, supportive government initiatives, a superior transportation and telecommunication infrastructure and unique local resources such as shell, coconut, black belly sheep leather and the world renowned Barbados Sea Island Cotton.

Barbados Sea Island Cotton is amongst the best in the world. With a light, silky texture, clothing made from this indigenous cotton is highly prized amongst discerning fashionistas.

Classic, sophisticated designs are enhanced by this rare, hand-picked cotton which exudes a sense of Caribbean luxury and decadence.

The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) is a powerful ally to entrepreneurs and small or medium sized businesses in the craft and fashion sector through their Small Business Development Center (SMDC).

The SMDC offers:

» Mentorship
» Design services
» General technical assistance
» Innovation programs

Barbados Manufacturing Exhibit (BMEX) – the region’s premier trade show for the manufacturing industry – showcases Barbados’ best products to overseas buyers and regional partners.

Since its inception in 1982, BMEX has strived to create opportunities to promote the fashion industry through:

» Promotion of Barbadian products and services
» Introduction of new and unique products to local consumers and international buyers
» Establishment of local, regional and global links and trade relationships
» Facilitates a Community of Practice amongst fashion industry and service providers
» Provision of financial support to fledgling designers and fashion producers to participate in BMEX
» Casting calls for new models to grace the stage of the Fashion Pavilion

Fashion entrepreneurs will also benefit from Network Barbados (NB) a website promoting Barbadian products, services and entrepreneurs to the global market place.

NB provides access to emerging fashion investment ventures, networking benefits and partnership opportunities.

Designers and manufacturers can also gain international reputation through the Caribbean Fashion Industry Forum (CAFIF). CAFIF – a region wide not-for-profit fashion industry association established in 2009 – is committed to furthering the advancement and collaboration of Caribbean fashion and design via its two main projects:

» Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW)
» West Indies Sea Island Cotton collaboration

A major player on the international fashion circuit, Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) has been the leading regional event since it first opened its doors in 2001.

Imbued with glitz, glamour and style the CFW is an ideal setting for marketing, trend-setting and sectoral business development. An ideal venue for international coverage, Barbados’ designers enjoy international coverage and hype for their award winning style and flare.

With its strong support system and world renowned designers, Barbados is a dream destination for fashion and manufacturing investors alike.

Visit Barbados today to experience the grace and charm of Caribbean fashion and design.

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