Residential Rentals

Residential Rentals in Barbados

The residential rental market in Barbados has seen many changes as the demand for affordable accommodation increases and the quality of finishes available improves.

It is important to decide on your budget and desired location as well as to allow some time to find something suitable – the newspapers both offer daily listings, and most real estate agents on the island offer rental properties, both long and short term, and will represent a portfolio of properties, from one bedroom through to townhouses and executive homes. The variety is endless, and it is worthwhile understanding your needs in advance, and having at least a basic budget in mind.

Residential properties in Barbados can be rented either fully furnished, semi furnished or un-furnished, and some may even include utilities such as telephone, water and electricity. You will be required to assume responsibility for any bills related to this property for the duration of the rental.

Most long-term rentals will require a commitment in writing for at least one year, which may include restrictions or penalties should the contract be broken. It is important to thoroughly read any contract or paperwork that is supplied or requires signature.

Once you’ve found the perfect property to rent, and agreed upon the price, the landlord or his agent will require a contract to be signed, and will also usually require a month’s rent in advance as a deposit.

There are several ways one can go about it, depending on how much time and energy is available. Prices can vary dramatically from parish to parish, as can the size and type of properties available.

There is always a demand for affordable 1 to 3 bedroom properties particularly in the more urban parishes such as St Michael and Christ Church, while the executive-type property market continues to flourish as the offshore financial sector develops further.


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