Special Needs Barbados Food and Restaurant Guide

Special Needs Barbados Food and Restaurant Guide

There are many fully wheelchair accessible restaurants to choose from in Barbados; serving a wide range of budgets and tastes, Special Needs Travelers will have no difficulty satisfying their cravings.

Get ready to tempt your taste buds!

For ambiance and atmosphere, dine at one of the many sea-side restaurants or relax to the sounds of the steel pan while looking over the Careenage in the historic capital of Bridgetown.

Alternatively, chow down at one of many fast food options available in Barbados.

Food lovers will delight in the unique flavors of the Caribbean. Visit the Totally Barbados recipes guide and try your hand at Bajan cooking.

Alternatively, visit one of the island’s many eateries offering a variety of menu options to satisfy your cravings and meet your budget.

Do it yourself!

For those looking to self-cater, grocery stores are generally wheelchair accessible or visit Bridgetown’s largest fruit and vegetable market for a truly Bajan culinary experience.

Rich with heritage, culture and food take a trip to the Bridgetown Fruit and Vegetable Market for the freshest and most affordable local fare.

Venturing off the beaten path, markets visitors are provided with a unique opportunity to interact with the vendors, learn about Caribbean foods and culinary styles while purchasing the best quality produce available.

It’s best to visit the market early (between 6:30 am – 9 am) Thursday, Friday or Saturday mornings. The Bridgetown market is sometimes crowded and while aisles are wide, they can be difficult to maneuver.

Award winning restaurants just for you!

Recently, the Barbados Council for the Disabled began awarding Barbadian businesses for their efforts under the Fully Accessible Barbados (FAB) programme.

The FAB awards goes to local business offering amenities specifically designed for the physically challenged.

The FAB evaluation team looked for amenities such as:
» Ramps
» Fitted bathrooms
» Parking spaces
» Height corrected counters and tables

Award recipients in the restaurant category included:
» Brown Sugar Restaurant,
» Just Grillin’ (West Coast)
» Chefette Restaurant (Wildey and St. George locations)

Begin your tour…

To get you started on your food tour of the island, Totally Barbados has compiled a list of wheelchair friendly restaurants and eateries:

» Paulo’s Churrasco Do Brazil
Address: Bagatelle, St. Thomas
Tel: +1 (246) 421-6767
Email: jss at paulsltd.com

» Bubbas Sports Bar and Restaurant
Address: Rockley Main Road, Christ Church
Tel: +1 (246) 4 at caribsurf.com
Website: www.bubbassportsbar.net

» Lucky Horseshoe
Address: Warrens, St. Michael
Tel: +1 (246) 425-5825
Address: Worthing, Christ Church
Tel: +1 (246) 435-5825
Email: laura at luckyh.com
Website: www.luckyh.com

» Champers Wine Bar and Restaurant
Address: Skeetes Hill, Christ Church
Tel: +1 (246) 434-3463
Email: champersinc at caribsurf.com
Website: www.champersbarbados.com

» Barbecue Barn
Address: Rockley
Tel: +1 (246) 436-5000
Email: info at chefette.com
Website: www.chefette.com/BBQBarn.cfm

» Brown Sugar Restaurant
Address: Aquatic Gap, Bay Street
Tel: +1 (246) 426-7684 or 436-7069
Email: bsugar at caribsurf.com
Website: www.brownsugarbarbados.com

» Just Grillin’ Grill and Bar
Address: Sunset Crest, Holetown, St. James
Tel: +1 (246) 432-5410
Website: www.justgrillinbarbados.com

» Bert’s Bar and Restaurant
Address: Rockley, Christ Church
Tel: +1 (246) 435-7924
Email: info at bertsbarbados.com
Website: www.bertsbarbados.com
*Restaurant and washrooms accessible however no bars in washroom.

» Bistro Monet
Address: Hastings, Christ Church
Tel: +1 (246) 435-9389
*Restaurant and washrooms accessible however no bars in washroom.

» The Cliff Restaurant
Address: Derricks, St. James
Tel: +1 (246) 432-1922
Email: thecliff at sunbeach.net
Website: www.thecliffbarbados.com
*The Cliff is not wheelchair accessible, however many people still choose to dine at this world renowned restaurant. For those that wish to dine at the Cliff, waiters are willing to assist in lifting clients down the stairs as long as it understood that this is a courtesy and they not held liable.

» Chefette Restaurant
Email: info at chefette.com
Website: www.chefette.com

» Fontabelle: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3385 / 430-3386
» Broad Street: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3420 / 430-3421
» Oistins: Tel: +1 (246) 418-8750 / 418-8751
» Warrens: Tel: +1 (246) 417-8550 / 417-8551
» Speightstown: Tel: +1 (246) 419-3500 / 419-3501
» Charles Rowe Bridge: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3431 / 430-3433
» Rockley: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3400 / 430-3401
» Six Roads: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3480 / 430-3481
» Heroes Square: Tel: +1 (246) 430-3450 / 430-3451
» Airport: Tel: +1 (246) 418-8770 / 418-8771

» Lobster Alive Restaurant
Address: Wesley House, Bay Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael
Tel: +1 (246) 4350305
Website: http://www.lobsteralive.net

* Please Note! While these restaurants are advertised as wheelchair friendly they may offer different levels of accessibility. To avoid hassle and frustration, please inquire with restaurant staff in advance.

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