North Coast Beaches

Barbados Beaches on the North Coast

With the landscape much more rocky and rough around the edges, Northern Barbados’ beaches may have less sand but make up for it with the spectacular weathered cliffs and pounding Atlantic swells in numerous little bays.

Rounding the northern tip, you will find many remote coastal areas to visit on the eastern side. Some of these, popular with Barbadians for picnicking but otherwise completely deserted, are only accessible by tracks. Most of the coast tends to be a bit rockier than some of the other coasts but hosts some beautiful cliffs and ridges with magnificent ocean views.

Swimming is relatively safe within sheltered bays like River Bay. Due to the solid onshore currents, swimming at Maycocks Bay, Cove Bay, and Morgan Lewis Beaches is highly inadvisable, although they are fantastic photo spots.

At the island’s northernmost point, you will find St. Lucy’s parish – a seemingly quiet, underdeveloped area. Windswept terrain and rugged cliffs provide unique photo opportunities. Beaches are few and difficult to access. Sea conditions are rough, and swimming is not advisable.

Click on a beach in the list below for driving directions, detailed information, and photos. You can also view the location of the beach on our Barbados Map.

Cove Bay
The northeast coast of Barbados is home to the magical sanctuary of Cove Bay. Cove Bay offers magnificent views of the east coast. Dramatic, rugged cliffs provide stunning scenery as one looks down hundreds of feet onto the pounding waves of the deep blue ocean while enjoying spectacular views across the coastline.
Little Bay
Little Bay is a tiny piece of course sand surrounded by undulating limestone hills that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Standing on top of the hills, looking down over rock formations, blowholes, and the beautiful ocean truly makes you feel like you are on top of the world.
Pico Tenerife
Pico Tenerife – An imposing landmark on the island’s North East Coast, Pico Tenerife dominates the coastline.
River Bay
River Bay is located in the parish of St. Lucy, on the north coast of Barbados. River Bay is a secluded spot away from all the hustle and bustle of the town areas.


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