South Coast Beaches

The south coast beaches of Barbados are characterized by small to medium waves, good dive sites, and excellent wind and kite surfing conditions.

The south coast is laden with stretches of white sandy beaches backed by hotels and restaurants of all price ranges.

The sea is mostly calm and perfect for swimming, with many shallow-water reefs ideal for snorkeling.

With the waters on the south coast a mixture of the tranquil west coast and the pounding east coast, you’ll find the size of the waves a happy medium.

Caution!The south coast beaches can have some unexpected undercurrents, so do not go beyond your depth.

The south coast beaches of Barbados are one of the more popular beach areas for locals and tourists. The south coast is possibly the most lively coast, with many restaurants and bars within walking distance of the beaches and readily available public transport. During high season you’ll find these beaches full of people and activity.

If you are a windsurfing or kite surfing enthusiast, head to Long Beach, Silver Rock, or Silver Sands on the south coast for excellent wind and wave conditions.

These beaches are the best windsurfing spots in Barbados, with many international windsurfing events being held here annually.

If you want to go surfing, Freights Bay, just before Miami Beach, is a trendy spot with surfers from beginners to professionals.

Just down the road from Freights Bay is Miami Beach, otherwise known as Enterprise Beach. The view from the short cliff above will take your breath away with the stunning beauty of the water and the many shades of blue on this part of the south coast.

Enterprise is a lively beach selling food and drink, showers, and toilets, and here you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas. It is a great beach to take children, as there are two bays for swimming, the below side being a calm lagoon for the little ones. There is also a lifeguard on duty here.

For exceptional swimming, water sports activities, and a long stretch of sand, head over to Dover Beach in St. Lawrence Gap. Many of the Barbados south coast hotels back on to this beach, so it is always a busy and active beach. Plenty of food and drink outlets are available either by using the bars and restaurants of the hotels or by heading out into St. Lawrence Gap. There is also an excellent beach facility with stalls selling souvenirs and a children’s playground.

Further along the south coast main road, you will find Worthing Beach, also known as Sandy Beach or Carib Beach, with the Carib Beach bar, a favorite “liming spot” for many locals and visitors. Again, you will find plenty of outlets for food and drink, and you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas. Generally, the water here is calm and is ideal for taking children swimming.

Head to Accra Beach for good body surfing and body watching! Accra Beach is an ideal swimming location for the entire family, with many beach chairs and umbrellas available. Food and drinks are available in the various beach bars, children’s playgrounds, toilets, and showers.

Continuing on the south coast of Barbados, heading towards Bridgetown, brings Hastings Rocks, Coconut Court Beach, Drill Hall Beach, Carlisle Bay, and Brownes Beach.

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