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Renting a car is an easy process here in Barbados as we have so many car rental companies, each featuring multiple types of vehicles.

One of the most popular Barbados car rentals is the Moke, if you’ve never been to Barbados before, or have never heard of a Moke, you absolutely must try one out. They are so much fun. It’s sort of like a dune buggy, a go cart, a convertible and a car, all kind of mixed together to form a Moke, a truly novel idea, and probably extremely different to what you drive at home.

Of course we do have other options of rental cars from convertibles, to sedans, to mini vans and SUVs. There are a few rules, however, when renting a car in Barbados.

Drivers must have a local driver’s license which can be obtained from most car rental offices, or from any local Police Station. These licenses are valid a full year so come back often and make good use of it.

All drivers must be between the ages of twenty one and sixty five with a minimum of three years driving experience, sometimes drivers between the ages of twenty one and twenty five may have to pay more to rent a car in Barbados.

All car rental companies have their own set of rules and regulations that you would be informed of upon collecting the car in Barbados. If the car you have ordered is unavailable for whatever reason, you’ll usually be given another car from the same class, or, if all of that class are out, you’ll be upgraded.


Barbados Driving Tips

– Driving in Barbados is done on the left side of the road!

– Seat belts are compulsory!

– A honk of a horn is usually a warning, or an “excuse me, here I come”, but is often a “hello” to a passing friend.

– Bajan rush-hour is generally from 7:00-8:30am and from 4:30-5:30pm. Don’t get caught!

– When someone flashes their lights at you when you are at a junction it usually means “after you”.

– The roundabout system of lanes is: If you are taking the first left exit off the roundabout you stay in the left lane, for all other exits off the roundabout you should remain in the right lane. Always give way to your right at the roundabout. For a detailed guide of maneuvering around Barbados roundabouts please view the animation at the bottom of this page.

– Visitors to the island are easily identifiable on the road by the ‘H’ number plate. Locals are usually accommodating of your confusion with directions, round abouts, road signs etc…, and make allowances!

– If you have an accident you must leave your vehicle in its position and phone your car hire company immediately.