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Healthy activities and lifestyle choices in Barbados are on the rise in Barbados. Our ‘no stress’ policy is essential to any healthy balanced lifestyle.

Fitness groups are standard on the island. A variety of sports such as swimming, squash, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, polo, rugby, and football (soccer) are great ways to get involved in the community and keep active and healthy in your life.

Local football matches are particularly popular with Bajans, a great place to socialize, banter (or ‘make sport’) with the opposing team, and watch your favorite team battle it out for the championship.

The instance of those adopting a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet is also on the increase in Barbados, with various local groups set up to promote island-wide awareness of these types of lifestyle choices to the broader Bajan population.

There is also an abundance of fresh, healthy produce growing all over the island – coconuts, wild herbs, the infamous Moringa tree, and many ground provisions such as sweet potato and yam.

You can get healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, and dried fruit at various health food stores on the island. These shops also stock vitamins and herbal remedies, organic and gluten-free foods, as well as different protein supplement powders and herbal teas.

They are also a great place to pick up health and wellness books, incense, and some even have healthy cafes attached where you can grab a healthy meal or a power shake to keep you on the right track all day long.

You can also get nuts, primarily raw or roasted peanuts, from street vendors in Bridgetown at a bargain price. Vendors also line the streets selling fresh juices such as golden apple and sorrel, a Bajan favorite.

Another healthy Barbadian activity is to visit the infamous Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday evening. Get your daily dose of omega-three fatty acids from the freshly grilled fish served at a variety of stalls in the quaint south coast fishing village.

The Barbados National Trust also hosts free weekly three hour hikes in a variety of terrains and to suit all levels of fitness, whilst the prevalence of health clubs and clinics in Barbados is also increasing.

These clinics are generally designed with a holistic approach to health in mind. This means your health is viewed as a whole picture, as opposed to isolated illnesses or injuries.

The goal is to achieve positive and optimal health for the mind, body, and spirit, rather than focusing on a specific illness itself. A team of healthcare professionals will assist you to achieve optimal health and de-stress all areas of your life, incorporating diet, exercise, and positive thinking into treatment programs.

All throughout the year in Barbados, there are also privately and publicly funded fitness events, including the Barbados marathon and triathlon. The Barbados Nation newspaper also sponsors a series of annual events such as the Nation fun ride, fun walk, and fun run. There are also various charity fitness events such as the Breast Cancer Walk.

Another part of a healthy lifestyle is finding time for your family and friends, and you’re sure to see loads of local families and friends out and about on Sundays for their weekly picnic by the beach.

Let’s not forget that sleep is a restorative activity and essential to any healthy, happy person, and most Bajans love to enjoy an afternoon sleep, away from the hot hot sun.

It has also been said that traveling to new destinations is great for the soul and a fundamental part of any healthy balanced life, and where better to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit than in the beautiful island paradise of Barbados.


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