Sunbeach Back on Track For Success

Sunbeach Back on Track For Success

Sunbeach Communications Inc. one of the main Internet Service Providers in Barbados was sold in December 2006 to Vtel, a multibillion-dollar Middle Eastern telecommunications group for $1.6 million.

Vtel are looking to have a hands on approach with their new investment and have appointed 4 representatives to the board from the Dubai based firm.

Chief Executive Officer of Vtel Latina, Al Khatib, has assured share holders that a comprehensive business plan will come out of the May board meeting to get Sunbeach back on track, after they have suffered financial trouble since becoming a public company 4 years ago.

Vtel Latina intend for Sunbeach to their flagship in the region, and to launch this service to other Caribbean islands.

Sunbeach received a licence to provide mobile phone service, however due to financial constraints have so far been unable to launch this side of the business. They hope that with Vtel’s backing they will now be able to get this service active in Barbados, but as yet have not set a time frame for implementation.

HR realize the benefits of recruitment fairs

Many organizations are now holding recruitment fairs as they realize the benefits of meeting candidates face to face. These fairs are proving very useful for entry-level positions, where minimum qualifications are required.

Traditionally these positions would be advertised in the press and then the human resource department would have the time consuming task of sifting through these applications. However, by holding a recruitment fair, they can now meet these applicants and quickly assess their personalities and suitability for various positions across the company.

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April 22nd, 2007


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