Walk Along the Beach

Walk Along the Beach

My weekly venture in Barbados this week was one that was not mind blowing or extremely exciting. This week I took some down time. I went on a walk from Radisson Hotel to the Seawall in Bridgetown and back.

It was a lovely day with brilliant blue skies and the sea was aquamarine in colour with small rolling swells.

Many yachts in full sail dotted the horizon as they darted about in the tropical breeze playing tag with the paddleboards who had taken to sea as well.

The sea underfoot was chilly but a pleasant reprieve from the hot sun beating down on my shoulders.

The sand glistened white in the bright sunlight and I felt as if today was truly heaven sent.

As I strolled along I realized that a cruise ship was in port as many different vendors had out their colourful umbrellas and beach chairs to accommodate their guests.

The beach was full of locals just enjoying their Sunday off from work. Many had picnics spread out on towels, some were playing beach cricket, others played paddle board and some were throwing a Frisbee.

A fabulous Sunday at the beach.

I smiled at the Bajan ladies in the sea adorned with plastic bags on their heads to keep their hair dry, even the five year old young girls were thus adorned.

I witnessed Dads encouraging their youngsters to swim, and middle-aged people exfoliating their skin by scrubbing with the white sand.


As I neared the jetty at Boat Yard the scene changed as it was evident that the tourists where down that side enjoying Barbados.

Some lathering on their sunscreen….some soaking in the sea…one couple was posing with a vendor and his monkey for a picture…others were haggling with a jet ski operator trying to get a “bargain“. Once again an aura of peace.

Further down there were three horses being led into the brilliant sea for their exercise with their grooms? A beautiful sight. By the time I was returning down the beach there were many visitors taking turns to have their picture taken with these magnificent creatures.

I walked to the seawall which still has fragments of broken boats trapped on its rocks. Boats that succumbed to the harsh weather of the summer hurricane storms as they pass by…a grim reminder that this beautiful ocean can become a tempest to be reckoned with in a matter of moments.

As I strolled back to my beginning I was so grateful that this was my island home and I wasn’t having to wage war with the winter storms up north that has the USA trapped in bitter cold, snow and ice.

I took a swim in our “freezing” (what a joke) sea and felt like I had been rejuvenated and ready to take on the stress of the following week.

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