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Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro - Swims in Barbados

Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro – Swims in Barbados for the first time.

I’ve met an interesting visitor to Barbados; his name is Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro, a native New Yorker and one of the most welcomed visitors to our island shores.

Kerry recently took advantage of the Barbados Welcome Stamp program, where he now has the ability to work remotely in Barbados for a period of up to one (1) year.

Kerry arrived in Barbados in October 2020 and committed to continue his “work-from-home” businesses – graphic web design and brand marketing along with his food production company.

Kerry was in search of a location offering a far more peaceful, and therefore vocationally conducive environment, with greater views of skies, more therapeutically nurturing environments of nature and both beautiful beaches and day-to-day conveniences available within just a few minutes commute.

Choosing to relocate on his own and knowing “next to no one” in Barbados, Kerrys’ agenda was to absorb as much of the truly Bajan culture as possible, preferring to achieve some assimilation level habituating the more touristy attractions.

And in the quest so far, still only a couple of months in, he has realized that wish and enjoying not just the planned discoveries but the unexpected joys of the Barbadian culture and its people – “both vibrant and spiritually positive.”

His passion and love for our island BARBADOS as seen from his Facebook posts, has been remarkable.

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Check out his fabulous ongoing collection of experiences in Barbados in the below photo gallery.

Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro, born and bred in New York, is a writer, photographer, web-designer, poet, essayist, editor, historian, videographer, and foremost journalist-blogger chef.

Kerry commenced his food blogging career over a decade ago when such journals hardly existed and were not helmed by teams of writers, photographers, and publicists.

KAC FOOD is what Kerry considers to be the “2.0 version” of his popular PHUDE (NYC) “Food. Photos. “Tude” online platform in previous years.

Kerry also has a Pop Sauce in the works, which, as expected, has its own story. “I have this principle when I cook of the Five S’s: salty, sweet, savory, smoky, and spicy. These five elements, which I have aggregated over a lifetime in food, speak to all those things that the mouth can do. After people sample my Pop Sauce for the first time, I inform them about my Five S’s, and when they try it again, they tell me it tastes even better! And I get that! It’s happened to me over the last twenty-five years. These elements speak to other people and me as well.”

Huffington Posthttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/kerry-alaric-cheeseboro-r_b_8539290

Cheeseboro’s KAC FOOD informative, educational, inspiring, insightful, entertaining, and above all – essential – as it provides a much-needed counter-response to the misleading “pop” food culture as it is purveyed by corporate-sponsored competitive cooking television shows which exude more sizzle than substance, along with various social media platforms which celebrate pomp and circumstance over culinary experience and authenticity. Kerry’s words and images speak to the food novice (me), the New York City newcomers, and to the legions who live, love, and eat in the city that never sleeps – which is why we will always need 24-hour diners, which, in case you have not noticed, are closing at an alarming rate.

Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro - Barbados

Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro is a native New Yorker who recently took advantage of the Barbados Welcome Stamp Program.

1. Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro – Swims in Barbados for the first time.
2. Barbados Sunrise – Crane beach view courtesy of The Crane Hotel. Sunrise on my first morning here. Transformative – Oct 15th, 2020.
3. Salt Water Beach in Barbados – About to saltwater my toes for the first time in years – Oct 15th, 2020.
4. Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro is a native New Yorker who recently took advantage of the Barbados Welcome Stamp Program.
5. Zen Restaurant – The admittedly Zen-like interior of Zen Restaurant at the Crane Resort in Barbados – Oct 16th, 2020.
6. The Windows of Zen Restaurant – The windows of Zen Restaurant at the Crane Hotel – Oct 16th, 2020.
7. Cutters Barbados — home of a world-famous rum punch, but was here for the equally popular flying fish cutter (sandwich). Located in St. Philip – Oct 16th, 2020.
8. Flying Fish Cutter from Cutters Barbados – Oct 16th, 2020.
9. Barbados Green Monkeys – I was told I would see monkeys near the main entrance around 5:30 every morning. I walked by every morning on my way to Crane Beach yet never saw them. Then around 8 o’clock this morning, while on a Zoom meeting on my room’s patio, I heard a great commotion from a few flights below. It was this beautiful family. (One crawled up to my balcony but left before I could get a picture of him/her.) – Oct 17th, 2020.
10. Caterpillars in Barbados – There was a larger family of these lovely caterpillars in the same trees. I spotted the family of monkeys for their all too quick pass-through- Oct 17th, 2020.
11. The Crane – Saint Philip – I like how the properties at The Crane, Saint Philip, Barbados are tucked in and around the lush, tall trees — and not the other way around.
12. Crane Hotel – Oct 17th, 2020 – Last looks at Crane Hotel before new looks at new pad tomorrow. (I am in a new place now — pics to come). Crane Hotel – Oct 17th, 2020
13. Crane Beach is located on the southeast coast of Barbados in the parish of St. Philip and is rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Photo Gallery by Kerry Alaric Cheeseboro

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