Tasty Local Foods of Barbados

Tasty and Delicious Local Foods

Experiences in Barbados by the Wandering Travel Writer – Erika Young – Her Happy Trails.

Before Shanda arrived, I had collaborated with my island peeps, who suggested a “must eat” check-list of the tasty local foods. Some are my favorites; others are just necessary to experience. Let us start down the list in no specific order.

Coconut Water with a Side Order of Jelly

First up is fresh coconut water with a side order of jelly. No folks, this isn’t the carton of imported water that you buy at your city store. It is water from a young coconut picked right here on the island. The jelly. That’s my favorite part.  It’s the flesh that hasn’t matured to a firm texture yet. This duo’s nutrient density and benefits are magnificent and are one of the most hydrating items on the planet.

“Cuz’s” Fish Shack

This next one made our list due to its popularity amongst the locals and recent exposure on the Today’s show. The owner and operated named Cuz is known for his “All in one.” It was a tasty local food consisting of a soft bun hugging a grilled piece of fish complemented with cheese and a fried egg.

NOTE: A friendly note to anyone making their way to this blue shack in Pebbles Car Park: If the line is long, order quickly and get out of the way. If he says “no egg,”  don’t give him an attitude or question it. Just take what you get and move on!

“Cuz’s” All-in-one (minus the egg)… check!

— Located at Needham’s Point, Bridgetown, Barbados
— Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (most days). Closed Sundays. He caters mainly to the lunch crowd.


Next up, doubles! These are most definitely one of my favorites.  Typically a Trinidadian treat, these small little roll-ups can be found in a few spots around the island. The most popular and traditional version is two “baras” (fried flatbread) filled with curried channa (chickpeas). You can branch out and top it with cucumber, mango chutney, and a spicy sauce.  My mouth is watering just explaining the goodness that comes from this West Indies delight. Today we’re eating from Pat’s; you can find her local tasty foods on the south coast across Accra Beach.

Marconi Pie

Marconi pie! It’s probably exactly what you think it is. Macaroni and cheese are held together in a styled casserole pie. Easy cheesy, right? (Awful pun intended). Learn how to make Macaroni Pie with this recipe.

Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are another common find around the island. Inexpensive, easy to eat, and pretty tasty. Suppose you like salt fish, bread, and fried things.


Moving on to the famous, for a good reason, Rotis! I’ve mentioned them before in several previous Bajan food posts, and now it’s Shanda’s turn to give them a go. Several restaurants deliver a solid Roti with different ingredients; today, we chose to eat at Chutneys on the south coast. Mine had curried lentils, okra, spinach, and pumpkin.  The one pictured is chicken and potato with okra.

Cafe Moya

You’ve got to remember my favorite cafe in all of Barbados.  I did an entire post on it last year called “The best not-so-kept secret, Cafe Moya.” Shanda and I took a walk and enjoyed a shared brunch.  I ordered a falafel-filled cassava crepe, and she went with a guava and cream cheese pastry.  Delicious!


She also fell in love with the local Mangos.  If you’ve never had a mango that just fell off the tree (literally), you haven’t tasted the authentic flavor of these tropical fruits.  I did a handstand next to the tree to give you an idea of just how massive they can get.  Also, check out the sweetness dripping from earth’s candy!

Bajan Cherry

We can’t leave out the Vitamin C power-house of the Bajan cherry.  For any details on this beauty, check out the recent post titled “Happy as a cherry!” at Her Happy Trails.

Sugar Apple

The last up is what the locals call a sugar apple. I feel like any fruit with the word “sugar” in it is bound to be sweet and tasty… and it is.  Ripe is when it’s soft and opens with the most gentle of pressure.  When you look inside, nature has already divided it up into bite-sized little pieces for you, and it’s so scrumptious. It reminds me of the cherimoya I fell in love with from years past.

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