Behind the Lens of Craigg Bashram

Experience Barbados from Behind the Lens of Craigg Bashram

My buddy shows up with a tiny piece of luggage, an excellent attitude, and a camera the size of my head. Instead of posting details of where each photo is taken, I only invite you to appreciate the vision behind his lens. Craigg (seen before in This girls on fire and Cliffs, Caves and Fish Cakes) was able to capture some amazing shots that should be on postcards, in my opinion.

Every photo you’re about to view was taken from Craigg and that grown-up camera of his. Enjoy!

…but wait, there’s more!

Recognize the beauty below? If you read the post, you’ve seen the interior and the luxury that comes with it; we aren’t guaranteed someday.

Did someone say a lime by the pool?! Yep. Craigg is the only one looking at the camera. Well done, sir… Well done!

He even caught me in a couple of unexpected moments. It kind of forces a deep breath every time I look at them.

Craigg wrote: As my 10-day trip comes to a close. I can’t help but thank the amazing human being responsible for my being here. We met during my time in Japan and have been friends ever since. She’s been such a gracious host, tour guide, and, most importantly, an incredible friend. She showed me the island and introduced me to her friends, and I could see the island life in a way only locals can. I’m eternally grateful for the hospitality shown. Thank you, Erika. May you always have happiness in your pocket, and you’ll forever be the girl on fire (inside jokes).

Dear Craigg, you were such an excellent guest (turned roommate), and I want to thank you for your easygoing attitude and flexibility while learning what “island time” truly means. Your fancy camera exposed the beauty I’ve always seen in Barbados and the time you took to capture it; I am so grateful for your pictures. It was also a familiar vibe to have someone around that got my one-liners and could dish them right back! Thank you for playing that song every morning for me, and finally, because of you… I now giggle every time it rains and have to reach down to turn on the windshield wipers. “Sweet mercy, please no! Ugh, raaaaashole!”


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