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Mount Gay Rum

“With age comes perfection”

Mount Gay Rum is infused with the quality, sophistication and classic style that can only be achieved through a long history of excellence and tradition. With over 300 years of experience, Mount Gay distillery is the oldest rum distillery in the world.

During the late 1980’s Mount Gay Rum partnered with Remy Cointreau, a partnership that propelled Barbados rum onto the international market and into the glasses of connoisseurs across Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia. With over 5 million bottles sold worldwide and several top international awards for excellence, Mount Gay Rum has earned it`s bragging rights.

The secret is in the ingredients. A blend of sugar cane, molasses and distilled un-aged alcohol, Mount Gay Rum uses only the finest ingredients to achieve its characteristically smooth velvety texture, golden hues, and luxurious legs.

A signature feature is Mount Gay`s commitment to using only the most pristine Barbados water in the production process. Unique among the Caribbean islands, Barbados is a coral based island. Barbados water is naturally filtered through the caverns and crevices of the coral-producing some of the purest water in the world.

Aged to perfection in white oak barrels, you can taste the experience of Barbados` leading rum. Enjoy the subtle complexity of Mount Gay rum on its own, in rum punch, or mix it with your favorite cola.

“Barbados, the birthplace of rum”

Aficionados will delight in a visit to Barbados, ‘the birthplace of rum’. Sit back and enjoy the white sand beaches and turquoise sea as you bask in the warm Caribbean sunshine while sipping a flavourful rum punch or lime with the locals at one of over 1,500 rum shops scattered around the island.

No trip to the motherland would be complete without a tour of the Mount Gay Rum Brand museum where you will learn about the history of the island, the rum, and the brand.

“Ayo ho and a bottle of rum!”

The history of rum is intertwined with the crests and swells of the high seas. In times of old, rum was rationed out to the British navy and heavily traded between pirates and Buccaneers. Rum has been the topic of many legendary tales, adventures that are still told and retold hundreds of years later.

Today, Mount Gay continues to foster a naval tradition through its support of and presence in a number of prestigious regattas not only in Barbados but around the world.

Mount Gay also hosts the annual Commodore’s Cub Regatta with courses set up around Carlisle Bay and along the South Coast taking full advantage of Barbados scenic coastline, calm waters and excellent near-constant trade winds.

With 5 competitive events for racers, cruisers, and charters, the Commodore Cup draws in many competitors from many nearby Caribbean islands and around the world.

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