WAMCO – Wireless Asset Management Company

Wireless Asset Management Company (WAMCO)

Ask Managing Director, George Nicholson, what has made the difference in his Wireless Asset Management Company (WAMCO) and, while he details the infrastructure and technology, he proudly adds, “The quality and reliability of our customer service.”

Based at Wildey in St. Michael, WAMCO began operations in Barbados in August 2001 with a small staff and a modest client base. Since then the company has grown to over 25 clients, including several major banks and the biggest of the island’s fast food chains. Perhaps a more emphatic testimony is the company’s boast that it was able to reach its operational break-even point after only one year in business.

WAMCO was conceptualized by Mr. Nicholson’s rugby team-mate, Canadian Joseph Whipple, who has been resident in Barbados for more than eleven years. He decided to open a company on the island after a business operation in British Colombia became a victim of the dot-com collapse. Mr. Nicholson became Managing Director of the new entity, setting up networking units in companies allowing their branches and departments to be able to communicate with each other using wireless technology.

WAMCO prides itself on the following:
Total connectivity on the island; 24-hour monitoring of its infrastructure seven days a week; IBM approved rules and regulations to restrict unauthorized access into clients’ databases; the ability to expand bandwidth in mere seconds rather than the days it takes with wired connectivity; significantly faster delivery of data due to larger capacity

George Nicholson is very strong on the concept of quality service and he says that was a core principle upon which the business was founded. WAMCO even monitors and provides feedback to clients on some matters that might otherwise be seen as outside of its immediate terms of reference, such as the Internet connectivity of some businesses. According to Mr. Nicholson, this is influenced by the fact that the detailed monitoring done by his company enables them to pick up problems and promptly report them to clients.

WAMCO has a growing reputation for providing an affordable and efficient service and that, in his view, is why it continues to capture a growing part of the local and regional market for wireless networking.


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