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Even though you are in Barbados, we boast the ability to transfer you to many a far away land for a delightful dining experience. How about dinner in France? Japan, China, Mexico, Ireland, New Orleans, India, any of these sounding right yet? What about some good ole Bajan cooking? Casual or Five Star, steak or seafood, eat-in or drive-thru, side of the road or water's edge, whatever you are looking for we've got the dining experience for you!

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The best restaurants in Barbados offer an ambiance incomparable to any other. Our natural surroundings give us such an upper hand, for fine dining restaurants you can chose to dine on a cliff over looking the water where you can enjoy fantastic views of the pale blue Caribbean Sea, scintillating sunsets or silver moonlight shining on placid water.

Another day or night you may choose to eat in a lush garden setting surrounded by the wonderful sights and sounds of nature, ensconced with Bajan flora and fauna. Take a trip back in time and dine in an old plantation estate house, imagining you are a part of the opulence of the nineteenth century lifestyle!

Perhaps just a canopy of stars is more your style, or candlelight on the beach, or a tree house in the middle of the island, or in a chattel house down an alley, or grab a cutter from a rum shop along the way, or our local, famed, fast food with locations on almost every corner on the island. Not only are we full of choices in cuisine, but also in decor, and all of this is before the food arrives!

A traditional Bajan lunch often consists of:Cou Cou and Flying Fish - our National Dish - although some prefer this dish with Salt Fish instead. Other types of Bajan meals include Baked Chicken, Flying Fish, Macaroni Pie & Coleslaw, Beef Stew, Rice, Pumpkin Fritters and Cucumber Salad, Corn Beef and Pickled Bread Fruit, Baked or Fried Pork, Corn Pie and Salad; the list - is endless! Having said that, we also have a tremendous variety of international standard places to eat in Barbados.

Restaurants in Barbados have been mentioned multiple times in the list of the World's Top Fifty Restaurants. If there's one thing we Bajans know how to do, it's eat! Cooking, serving, eating, all of it, we surely are experts.

The chefs on our island are renowned for their ability to mix international fare with Bajan cuisine in order to come up with something very original. These novel ideas entice the palette, fill the stomach, and soothe the heart. Most of the chefs working on the island have been trained internationally and come to us from all over the world, which gives us the advantage of varying experiences and styles, ensuring that the guest is never bored with the same old food.

So, whatever it is that you are looking for, whether it is steak, specialty coffees and Danishes, seafood, beef stew, Five Star dining, casual side of the road stop off, beach, garden, we've got it for you in Barbados.

The only problem you may encounter when finding places to eat in Barbados too much choice!

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