Parish of St Joseph

St. Joseph is located on the east coast of Barbados and is probably one of the prettiest parishes on the island. Here you will find Bathsheba, one of the places that you have to visit during your stay as you will be amazed by the view.

The coastline in St. Joseph is very dramatic with steep hills and large cliffs sweeping over the crashing Atlantic Ocean, when you stand with the ocean behind you as a backdrop it doesn’t look real, it is quite breathtaking.

There is plenty to see and do in this parish with good hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and old Anglican churches to walk around.

The most famous stop in St. Joseph is Bathsheba, which is well known to surfers as the ‘Soup Bowl.’ The international Reef Surfing Competition is held here every year in November, with some of the worlds top class surfer’s showing off their talent as they ride the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Also in Bathsheba, you will find the Roundhouse, which is a delightful bar and restaurant sitting high on top of a hill overlooking the ‘Soup Bowl’. You will also find the Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba, which again serves great food and is a very relaxing place to stay. There is also The Edgewater Inn located in Bathsheba, again it offers a tranquil setting for a relaxing holiday and has a good restaurant. If you are looking for fine dining in this area then we recommend that you try Naniki restaurant, which is located at Lush Life Nature Resort, Suriname.

There are some great stretches of beach in this parish and some natural rock pools, which are ideal for the children to play in. You can have a picnic at Bathsheba, Cattlewash or Barclay’s Park, all of which are along this coastline.

If you would like to see some of the old Anglican churches in St. Joseph, then you can try St. Joseph’s Parish Church or St. Ann’s Church.

In terms of tourist attractions, you could go to Andromeda Botanical Gardens, which is open daily from 9 am until 5 pm. Here you will find one of the best tropical gardens in Barbados with flora and fauna from all over the world. This parish is also home to the Flower Forest, another one of Barbados’ tropical gardens with specimens from all four corners of the globe. This is also open daily from 9 am until 5 pm.

Heading inland from Bathsheba you will find Joe’s River and the Tropical Rain Forest, a great natural beauty on the island.

Places of interest in St. Joseph:

— St. Joseph’s Parish Church
— St. Ann’s Church
— Andromeda Botanical Gardens
— Flower Forest
— Joe’s River
— Tropical Rain Forest

Bars, Restaurants, and Places to Eat in St. Joseph:

— Round House
— Naniki at Lush Life Nature Resort, Suriname.

Accommodation in St. Joseph:

— Atlantis Hotel
— Edgewater Inn

Towns in St. Joseph:

— Bathsheba

Beaches in St. Joseph:

— Bathsheba
— Cattlewash
— Barclays Park


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