Parish of St Thomas

St. Thomas is located in the middle of Barbados and is entirely different from the rest of the island; it is made up of steep hills and winding country roads surrounded by cane fields, woods, caves, and gullies. Here you will also find two of the countries best polo fields at Lion Castle and Clifton.

There are a couple of churches to visit in this parish such as St. Thomas Parish Church and the Sharon Moravian Church. Here you will also find Earthworks Pottery, where you can witness the potter at his wheel creating some unique Caribbean pieces.

Their work is vibrant, and their pottery makes ideal presents to take home. There is also the HP Batik studio displaying Caribbean artwork and an excellent cafeteria with stunning views of the valleys. A trip to Earthworks Pottery is a must when touring this part of the island.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to eat in St. Thomas then you will find excellent dining at Bagatelle Great House and Fisherpond Great House. Please see our restaurant guide for more information.

St. Thomas has some natural delights to offer as well such as Harrison’s Cave, which only opened to the public in 1970. It is breath taking beautiful natural wonder with a 12-meter waterfall underground into one cave, a river flows through another, and then there is a lake in the final chamber.

Another natural beauty spot in St. Thomas is Welchman Hall Gully, which is a mile long and was created by the collapse of the limestone caverns in the area and now has a tropical garden with nutmeg, clove, bamboo and palms trees lining the gully.

If you are looking to be adventurous, then you could visit the Highland Adventure Centre, where you can go horse riding through the cane fields of St. Thomas, and they even cater to complete beginners. Maybe you would feel safer on a bicycle, if so then they have the broadest range of mountain bikes in Barbados. Whatever your method of transport all tours are guided and shows you the beauty of this parish in a whole new light.

Places of interest in St. Thomas:

— Lion Hall Polo Field
— Clifton Polo Field
— St. Thomas Parish Church
— Sharon Moravian Church
— Earthworks Pottery
— HP Batik Studio
— Harrison’s Cave
— Welchman Hall Gully
— Highland Adventure Centre

Bars & Restaurants in St. Thomas:

— Bagatelle Great House
— Fisherpond Great House


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