Tourist Attractions in St. Joseph

Barbados Tourist Attractions in St. Joseph

The parish of St. Joseph is located on the east coast of Barbados. St. Joseph is a beautiful parish as it takes in the must-see destination of Bathsheba. This parish is also home to some beautiful tropical gardens and some of the oldest hotels and inns in Barbados.

The first stop in the parish of St. Joseph is Andromeda Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1954. The gardens have commanding views over picturesque Bathsheba and are awash with tropical flora and fauna, which are both local and imported. The gardens are laid out around ponds with the main feature being an ancient bearded fig tree.

Also in this parish, you will find the Flower Forest, again here you will find a beautiful tropical garden filled with both local and imported flora and fauna. These gardens command a stunning view over the Scotland District of St. Andrew and provide a tranquil place to stroll around.

One of the grand old plantation houses to visit in St. Joseph is Fisherpond Great House, which makes an outstanding Sunday lunch. You do need to book as they have a limited number of tables in the original dining room and they provide a home from home experience as you feel as though you are in a personal environment. Each table is individually decorated, and you are spoilt for choice in the food offered on the Sunday buffet.

Heading out to Bathsheba, the views of the crashing Atlantic Ocean will take your breath away, so make sure you have your camera ready for scenic beauty that will have you doubting your eyesight!

Bathsheba is famous for the ‘soup bowl‘; you will find professional surfers riding some massive waves. A great spot to watch the surfers is from the Roundhouse, a nice bar, and restaurant perched up high on top of the hill. They offer a great lunch and dinner menu, and it is an excellent spot to spend the afternoon eating, drinking and watching all the surf action.

Another great place to eat in Bathsheba is the Atlantis Hotel, which is one of the oldest in Barbados. The hotel has the old feel of Barbados and offers a warm welcome with comfortable rooms for you to stay.

The other hotel in Bathsheba is the Edgewater Inn, which again offers excellent food and a very tranquil place to stay, as its name suggests it is nestled on the cliff at the water’s edge.

Every November the annual Reef Surfing Competition is held in Bathsheba, and at this time of year, the usually quiet town becomes a hive of activity with surfers from all around the world. Accommodation can be difficult to find at this time of year. However, there are parties everywhere and plenty of live entertainment, so just be sure to book in advance if you want to be there for the surfing competition.

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