Tourist Attractions in St. John

Barbados Tourist Attractions in St. John

The parish of St. John is located on the east coast of Barbados and takes in some beautiful sights and attractions that you have to visit while on this side of the island.

One of the biggest attractions in St. John for both tourists and locals is a traditional rum shop called Lemon Arbour, which is famous for serving the most succulent pork. On a Saturday lunch time you will find cars with number plates from every parish on the island lining the streets around the rum shop.

The food is very reasonably priced with large portions, but you have to get there early to get the best seat, which is out on the veranda, which commands stunning views of the sweeping sugar cane fields of St. George in the valley below.

Another great place to eat wonderful food at a great price is Consett Bay; an old fishing village, which has a fresh fish market that is open to the public. It is best to go there in the late afternoon as the fisherman off load the fresh catch of the day.

On a Friday evening, the market comes alive for the local Fish Fry, where locals prepare and cook fish for you to buy and there is entertainment as locals and tourists relax together for the evening enjoying music and good food.

There are a couple of historical buildings in this parish to look at, the first being Villa Nova, which was once a very grand plantation house and home to former English Prime Minster Sir Anthony Eden, and when he was in residence he played host to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, when she came to Barbados for Independence in 1966. In later years the house was refurbished as a luxury hotel, however this went in to receivership and is currently closed at the time of writing (May 2008).

The next historical building to look around is Codrington College, which was established in 1748 as a theological college. It teaches Anglican vicars from around the world and is affiliated to the University of the West Indies. It is a very impressive building with wonderful grounds to walk around; just the driveway alone is lined with cabbage palms and straight away you get the sense of calm and tranquillity.

The college is also now open to schoolchildren who are taught general subjects, and the grounds are open for you to wander around.

Also in the parish of St. John you will find Bath, which is popular with locals and tourists to rent a beach house, this area is very relaxing and is a great place to unwind if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. The beach here is great for swimming and snorkelling as it is protected by a coral reef, there are picnic facilities and a children’s playground available.

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