Tourist Attractions in St. Thomas

Barbados Tourist Attractions in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is located in the middle of the island and is one of only two parishes that doesn’t border the coastline; the other is St. George.

The steep hills and winding roads of St. Thomas make it exciting to drive around, and many tourist attractions are well worth visiting.

The parish of St. Thomas is awash with woods, gullies, and cane fields, and then dotted around you will find many tourist attractions to visit.

If you like dining, then stop for a meal at Bagatelle Great House, which is not only a beautiful old Barbadian plantation house but also has a wonderful a la carte restaurant and extensive wine cellar.

Another delightful old plantation house to visit, which also does outstanding food on a Sunday at lunchtime is Fisherpond Great House. This borders on the parish of St. Joseph.

Perhaps you would enjoy the scenery of St. Thomas on horseback or on a bicycle, if so then you can organize either to rent a bicycle or organise a horse-riding trip through Highland Adventure Tours, which is based in St. Thomas.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Barbados is Harrison’s Cave, which is located in St. Thomas. Here you can descend into a natural cave, which is very beautiful and here you will see waterfalls, which turns into rivers and by the final chamber runs in to a lake. Harrison’s Cave has recently undergone a major overhaul to enhance the visitor experience.

Another tourist attraction in St. Thomas is Welchman Hall Gully. Here you will find a mile long stretch of tropical garden growing in the collapsed cave with nutmeg, clove, bamboo and palms trees.

For art & craft lovers, then you have to visit the Earthworks Pottery Complex in St. Thomas. Here you can find beautiful gifts to take home for loved ones or even treat yourself to a piece of art or a unique piece of pottery especially crafted for you.

Here you will find the HP Batik Studio, which displays Caribbean art that is available to purchase. In the Earthworks Pottery itself you can see the potter at his wheel crafting brightly coloured Caribbean pieces, which are all totally unique and they offer a special shipping package to ensure your purchases make it home in one piece. There is also a good restaurant here to enjoy lunch or refreshments after you have had a look around.

There are two churches in this parish to visit and they are the Anglican St. Thomas Parish Church and the Sharon Moravian Church.

If you have never been to a polo match, or are an avid polo fan then St. Thomas is the ideal place as it has two polo fields and they are Cliffton and Lion Castle. Polo was imported to Barbados by the British Army and has a huge following with many international teams visiting.

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